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Tattoos That Represent Power

Tattoos are ideally a big deal when it comes to representing yourself. For some of us who find it difficult to represent ourselves, tattoos help us to do that. No matter how small or big the tattoo is, there is always some meaning to it that makes you feel different from others and may help you in life with many things.

One of the main traits that tattoos help us achieve is feeling of power, and there are many tattoos out there that make you feel powerful and represent the true meaning of power.  Each tattoo has a different meaning of power. Mentioned below are a few tattoos that symbolize and represent power.

1. Spirit Animal Tattoo

There are many animals out there that signify strength and power, and everyone has a spirit animal. The spirit animal tattoo includes a face of a person in black ink and a spirit animal that appears like a mask over the head or inside any shape. Spirit animals, such as bears and wolfs, are very common in spirit animal tattoos. This tattoo looks extremely fierce and powerful. The best place to get it done is on your back or arm.

Wolf Mask Tattoo Representing Power.
Tiger Mask Tattoo Representing Power.

2. Cho Ku Rei

The Cho Ku Rei is a Japanese derived power symbol that includes some great meaning of power. This symbol is now widely used as a tattoo and reminds people to carry out different tasks that require a huge amount of power. This tattoo appears in a spiral clockwise ( or anticlockwise) direction and looks somewhat like a music note. The size of this tattoo is small, so the best place to get it tatted on is your wrist or neck.

Power represented by Chu Ku Rei Tattoo On Hand With Water Color.
Small Chu Ku Rei Tattoo On Wrist Representing Power.

3. Eye of Providence

The eye of providence is a famous symbol that represents the eye of God, watching over his people. This symbol also represents power as it is associated with the eye of God, and there’s no one more powerful than the God above. The symbol includes a triangle that has one eye in it and is now a very popular tattoo. The best place for this tattoo is the arm, as it’s more visible.

Eye Of Providence Tattoo On Hand Representing Power.
Eye Of Providence Tattoo On Hand Representing Power.

4. Na Maha Samred

Na Maha Samred is a famous symbol that signifies strength; however, this tattoo also represents power as you can achieve power from success. The more successful you are in life, the more powerful you become. However, you can see this symbol the other way around too. This tattoo includes a unique aesthetic design, and the best place for it is on the nape of your neck.

Na Maha Samred Tattoo On Neck Representing Power.
Power Represented By Na Maha Samred Tattoo On Hand.

5. Sword Wings

This tattoo includes a sleek sword surrounded by a few black wings in black ink. Wings are a big symbol of strength, but they also represent power as wings give a bird the power to fly. A sword also gives you the power to fight a battle. Both of these objects, combined together in a tattoo, make the tattoo very powerful.

Sword Wings Tattoo On Back Representing Power.
Power Represented By Sword Wings Tattoo.

6. Armor Design

A coat of armor also represents power. This tattoo includes many details, and the after results are beautiful. The best place to get this tattoo is on your chest, as it’s the perfect place for armor. You can always make changes to the design. If you’re bold enough to get an armor tattoo, try it out and feel powerful.

Armor Tattoo On Chest Representing Power.
Power Represented By Armor Tattoo On Shoulder.

7. Flower it Up

Flower tattoos also showcase a great representation of power, and it also helps to motivate you whenever you have your low days, as flowers grow from a single seed. This tattoo reminds you that you only need 100 percent of yourself to feel powerful. You can always choose to get more than one flower tatted on your body. The more flowers, the more powerful you feel. The most appropriate place to get this tattoo is right under your chin or on your writs.

8. Warrior Tiger

This tattoo includes a small person riding a tiger with a lit fire torch in their hand or tiger with a lit fire torch in his mouth or any combination of tiger and fire torch. This tattoo has a big representation of power and reminds you never to stop fighting. This tattoo is usually made out of black ink. But now a days people are coloring it to make it look more detailed, and the perfect place for it is on your arm, as the tattoo is quite wide and big in size. However, you can always adjust the size.

Tiger With Fire Torch Tattoo Representing Power.

9. Meditation Symbol

The mediation symbol invites peace and power; this tattoo includes the image of a Buddha sitting in a yoga position, with leaves around. If you’re looking for something that reminds you of peace and power, you should definitely get this tattoo. The best place for this tattoo in on your back as it’s big in size.

Meditation Symbol Tattoo On Back Representing Power.
Buddha Meditation Tattoo Representing Power.
Power represented by Buddha Meditating On Lotus Tattoo On Back.
Buddha Meditation Tattoo Representing Power.

10. Blossom Deer

This tattoo includes the face of a deer surrounded by blossoms of pink petals. A deer signifies power and fierceness. Deer antler tattoo is also used to symbolize power. This tattoo includes many watercolors and is quite bold. The best place for this tattoo is on the back, as it is pretty big in size.

Blossom Deer Tattoo Representing Power.
Power Signified By Blossom Deer Tattoo On Thigh.
Power Tattoo.
Deer With Flower Tattoo On Thigh Representing Power.


All these tattoos mentioned above represent some form of power, whether it’s the power that helps you to take over the work or the power of being a better place. It is good to have a sense of power as long as you don’t misuse it. If you want to remind yourself of power, get one of these amazing tattoos.

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