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Strawberry Tattoos With Sweet Associations and Meanings

If you are looking for a unique and creative tattoo design that has a huge variety of sweet meanings, you might want to consider getting strawberry tattoos. Throughout the years the strawberry has been associated with varied meanings for different cultures, from abundance, life, passion, and virtue.

The strawberry can be drawn as a single fruit or in a group, and the style you design will be as unique as the meaning you associate.

The Strawberry and Fertility

Similar to the cherry, the strawberry is symbolic of all those delicious feminine traits of the female. According to French lore, the strawberry was used as an aphrodisiac, a symbol of love and seduction.

Tradition says that when both the groom and bride are fed strawberries on their wedding night, it ensured their sexual relations would result in conception.

Today, especially on Valentines Day, the chocolate covered strawberry represents love, passion, and desire.

Love and Strawberries

One of the reasons the strawberry tattoos are so popular these days with both sexes is because it represents romantic sentiments. One long-held belief is that if two people were to consume both ends of the strawberry together that they would fall madly in love.

That is why man soul mates get inked with the strawberry tattoos, it symbolizes for them a connection that transcends time.

Others who are still in search of love get a single strawberry tat to symbolize they are on the hunt, they are receptive to love, and that they have not yet found the other half of their existence.

Legend of the Fairy

Fairy tattoos are becoming all the rage as of lately and for good reason. One can further enhance the imagery and meaning of these fairy tattoos by incorporating the strawberry too.

In legends that date back centuries, it was believed that if you left a basket of strawberries near the crops, the fairies would come and bless for the farmers and give them a bountiful crop this season.

This unique combination of fairy and strawberry is unique, but for some can symbolize growth, bounty, and abundance.

Placement of the Strawberry Tattoo

Placing the strawberry tattoos on the wrist changes the meaning significantly. Considered to be a private area of the body, getting inked here will certainly grab a persona attention.

The strawberry also has a connection with the love Goddess Venus, so making the strawberry in the shape of a heart on the wrist symbolizes passion and hope.

Another reason the placement of the strawberry tattoos on the wrist is so symbolic, that is where the radial artery runs, and from that spot, you can detect the beat of a person’s heart.

So whether you choose to get your tat of the strawberry because you are in search of your soul mate, have a flair for the passionate side of life, or you want it to represent virtue, abundance, or hope, you are right either way.

This is one of those tattoo designs that covers a wide array of meanings, yet you can keep it close to the vest and reveal only to the right person at the right time.

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