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Star Wars Tattoos and Their Creative Designs and Meanings

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last four decades, you should at the least know who the main Star Wars characters are. Dating back to the 1970s, people love getting inked with the Star Wars tattoos to represent a variety of things.

If you connect with this movie series and are looking to really leave your mark on this world, you can not go wrong with a creative Star Wars tattoo.

One of the most popular reasons many people are getting inked with the Star Wars tattoos today is simply as a reminder of their childhood. Many adults today can tell you exactly what theater, how many times, and where they saw and fell in love with the very first Star Wars movie.

Regardless if you were for good or the dark side, the image you get inked with is more of a reminder of days gone by. Even though the series continues today, there is something about those iconic images of Darth Vader, the Stormtroopers, the Death Star, or light sabers, that really brings you back to being a kid at heart.

Today, the newer generation appreciate everything Star Wars, but they must incorporate their unique twist on the designs to make them their own. Rather than getting the Star Wars tattoos to remind them of a time long ago, these designs are creative, unique, and telling of this person’s being.

These kids today choose a design that incorporates Yoda saying something relative to the day, Darth Vader’s menacing glare, or an image of Princess Leia and her commitment to good over evil. Quotes from the movies, secondary characters, or combinations of the old and new, all appealing aspects of bringing attention to one’s love for anything related to Star Wars.

Making the Star Wars tattoos all your own is something that ink lovers today have done to separate themselves from the pack. The font used for the Star Wars is iconic, and using it to spell other words like the bride and groom, are a throwback to the shoe and everything it represents.

Having two characters fighting with light sabers can be representative of the struggle within of good versus evil, or if can represent having to battle certain inner demons on a daily basis.

There are many unique symbols specific to this movie series that connect with body ink lovers too. Perhaps, on one hand, you want to show your dark side or allegiance to good, but want to do it in a clever way.

Then you have the options to get inked with the First Republic symbol, Sith Empire symbol, Jedi Order symbol, Open Circle Fleet symbol, or the Black Sun symbol. Each has a unique meaning, and either you instantly get it or you are left scratching your head. Those in the know will appreciate your nod to the movies.

The Star Wars tattoos run the full range of good, evil, and a little of both. Whether you are for good, fighting inner demons, or have a burning desire to save the empire, these tattoo designs are fun, creative, and definitely unique.

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