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Sexy Pin Up Girl Tattoos and Their Creative Designs

Chances are you have seen that sexy pin-up girl calendars that are the source of inspiration for these new tattoo designs. Creative ink lovers have found a way to take the traditional and mix it with a modern twist to come up some of the most creative and sexy tattoo concepts around.

If you are looking for a fun, flirty, and sexy new tat, the pin up girl tattoos might be perfect for you.

Traditional Pin Up Girl

Why mess with a classic? The traditional pin up girl tattoos is usually somehow incorporated with a military theme, popular with those in the armed forces. The beauty of the design is in the classic pose, legs bent, hands behind head, and breasts out there for all to see.

Living Dead Girl

The popularity with everything dead and Gothic these days has even transpired into this cute pin-up girls. While she still has that sexy body, her skin may be peeling off and blue in color holding a knife, but she is still considered a beauty to some.

Queen Betty

Perhaps the girl you think of when you hear the words pin-up girl, Queen Betty Page is where the inspiration for risque in modeling came from.

Usually, in leather apparel and fishnet stockings, she is the perfect subject matter for your pin-up girl tattoos.

The Bewitching Hour

This tattoo design is a combination of the famous Bewitch character and the classic pin up girl. She can be seen in that classic pose but riding a broom with her witch hat and tiny skirt all in black.

Hot in the Kitchen

Here we still have her in that classic bent over position in a very short skirt, but she is pulling out burnt dinner from the stove. While she might not be the best cook, she certainly has the assets to excel in other areas.

Rockabilly Chic

This is a completely modern twist on the classic pin-up girl, and it has mass appeal. She is wearing those big glasses with her hair up, like the classic sexy librarian, but she too is covered in tattoos on both arms.

The Gear Head

Here we have that sexy bubbly beauty straddling a large piston and loving every minute of it. This is the perfect tattoo design for that muscle or gear head who wants to add some beauty to his tattoo design.

Sleeping Beauty

We are definitely not talking about a Disney character here, this design has our sexy pin-up girl in the smallest of lingerie, bent over so her assets are literally spilling out the top and bottom. Nudity is definitely acceptable with this design choice.

Classic Hollywood

A unique twist on the classic pin-up girl tattoos is using the body of a sexy beauty and the head of a recognized female movie star from the golden age of television.

The Sexy Nurse

The fantasy of every guy who has ever been held up in a hospital with an injury, the sexy nurse busting out of her candy stripper uniform to satisfy your every need until you can get back on your feet.

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