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Powerful Queen Tattoos and Their Huge Variety With Meanings

The concept of the queen tattoos really allows the wearer to showcase the fact that they feel like they are special in their own way.

This is not about expecting others to treat this person like royalty because they want to be like a queen, it is living a life at a higher standard and demanding more from yourself than you could ever expect from others. The queen is held in high regard, but that is due in part to her commitment to excellence and her compassion for others.

Consider the huge variety in these powerful queen tattoos for your next body ink.

One of the most popular queen tattoos has nothing to do with being regal or noble, it has to do with being hitched. A very popular tattoo design this year is getting the queen crown and word queen in on her wrist area, while he gets the king crown and king inked on his.

This is a symbolic gesture that these two have found each other and plan to live happily ever after in their own kingdom. While the placement can be varied, it is more powerful when the two can be placed next to each other when these two are not apart.

A subtle way to tell the world you have queen-like qualities is getting the symbol for the queen of hearts inked on a finger, ankle, or the back of the neck. The letter Q and a tiny heart are easily recognized from the playing card, but for ink lovers this is a fun and inconspicuous way to remind yourself to hold yourself to a higher standard.

For those who have no trouble being loud and proud, then the ultimate queen tattoos have to do with a huge crown inked on various parts of the body with as many adornments as possible.

This is the perfect tattoo design for those who do not settle for any less than the best. This carries over from the clothes they wear, the car they drive, the way they carry themselves at work, and how they treat others whether in a relationship or not.

The queen tattoos can also be symbolic of family heritage. Many different crowns can be traced back through family trees and crests, and this is a great way to connect to the past.

These crowns are specific in design, and one is more elegant and graceful than the next. These are tattoo designs that will certainly get noticed, regardless where on the body you choose to get inked.

When it comes to the queen tattoos, the meaning really is more about how the wearer feels about their unique design. For some, it can be representative of family, nobility, and royalty, while others appeal to the fact the queen is held in the highest regard, has to always be working from a set of higher standards, and expects more from herself each day.

The diversity in this tattoo design is truly limitless, from chess pieces, crowns, the images of queens of the past. When you are ready for your own queen tattoos, you are ready to take things to a new level.

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