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48 Penguin Tattoos With Unique and Symbolic Meanings

The distinction of getting penguin tattoos allows you to associate your tattoo with a variety of unique meanings that are associated with this bird. Yes, although the penguin has feathers, it in unable to fly, and its unique ability to swim like a dolphin in the waters just adds to its allure.

The penguin represents both unconventionality and evolution for many, but as we peel back the feathers of this amazing creature we find that there is more than just meets the eye.

The Inability to Fly

Perhaps the most unconventional attribute of the penguin is that this bird simply can not fly. This symbolic representation, however, strikes a very personal chord with many body ink lovers, and they choose this particular design because they too feel that they are never able to live up to the expectations of others.

The penguin for them is symbolic of their uniqueness, their need to be different, and their desire to be something other than what the world expects of them.

Despite their exterior, the penguin tattoos represent for some that they can choose the unconventional route if they want to. The penguin design reminds them that they don’t have to comply with mandated behavior.

Flushing Out Impurities

One of the unique features of the penguin is that they have developed the unique ability to actually drink salt water. They possess a special gland that filters out the salts in the water and provides them a clean drinking source.

For some, this is symbolic of flushing out impurities in one’s life. Taking in the negative around but being able to move the past and become better for it. These body ink lovers appreciate the concept that they can squeeze out adversity and still come out pure on the other side.

Penguins can also call out to their babies and mates with a unique call from thousands of other neighboring penguins. This makes the design symbolic of a social connection, love, teamwork, and uniqueness.

Symbolic Penguin Tattoo Meanings

So on the surface, the penguin is a tiny and lovable little bird that appeals to both men and women. Today the penguin tattoos are representative of renewal, intuition, and evolution. For others, these designs can be symbolic of dreams, protection, and community.

The penguin is a social creature that thrives in adverse conditions. For this reason, it is common to get the design to symbolize adaptability, faithfulness, resourcefulness, and unconventionality.

One of the features of the penguin that garner the most affection is the fact they mate for life. For ink lovers who have been searching for and have found their mate, the penguin is the perfect symbol of a commitment to their partner for the rest of their life together.

The penguin tattoos don’t necessarily have to represent the love between two mates, it can also symbolize the love between parent and child, or even best friends. Others live the unique color combination of the penguin and how they blend into their environment as protection from predators and the like. The penguin is also a symbol of renewal and a metaphor for lying to ourselves, letting go of those fears, and forgetting false beliefs.

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