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20 Ohm Tattoo and Their Meanings Explained

It might surprise many that one little symbol can have so many unique meanings. The Om design, better known as the Ohm design, is proof that an abundance of symbolism can come in one tiny package. The Ohm tattoo conveys a deep understanding of ancient and primitive universal principles.

To get down to basics, the Ohm symbol represents at the core the sound of life, a rhythmic tone that is a representation of all creation. It basically relates to the theory that the core of all existence vibrates to one set point.

Basically from the abyss of nothingness, there is this divine call as the cosmic mouth begins to open and out comes the sweet song of all creation through the void. Here is how people today are taking the Ohm tattoo and making it their own.

The Ancient Attachment to the Ohm

This one tiny symbol packs a huge powerful punch. Basically, the song of all creation resonates from the single Ohm sound, and there are three unique vocalizations connected to the sounds.

The three sacred sounds have been incorporated into the Ohm tattoo representing the dawn, afternoon, and the dusk. In Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism especially, the Ohm sound closely related to an inner peace and knowing that helps a person to transcend to a different realm.

The Ohm tattoo for many represents a reverence for life and a unique way to honor the creation of life.

Symbolic Meanings of the Ohm Symbol

The mystery of the Ohm tattoo can be quite appealing to many people who love tattoos because you can incorporate many of your own beliefs into the design.

The appeal of a symbol that represents the creation, sustaining, and then destruction, and is something many people can relate to. This can represent the birth and then destruction of an addiction, a lost love, or even a belief in religion and finally seeing the light to true spirituality.

This sacred symbol also has this connection to oneness, being one with the spirit, being one with yourself, or being one with the powers that run the universe just under the surface.

Lord Shiva Mahadev Tattoo Designs

The Ohm and People Today

Today the Ohm tattoo can virtually represent a huge variety of subjects, all basically connected to what core beliefs the wearer chooses. Today the Ohm symbolizes oneness, totality, manifestation, sustaining, evolving, creation, perpetuation, and a divine expression.

It could be the manifestation of seeing the light and changing one’s ways or having a deeper connection with the manifestation of life and your soul.

Once a person feels that connection to their being and has chosen a way of life for the rest of their time on earth, the Ohm tattoo can symbolize a stamp of their understanding.

The Ohm tattoo is a permanent inked symbol that basically conveys a sacred awareness. This timeliness awareness shows an affinity for the unifying forces that are the core of natural progression, and this symbol can be colored and surrounded by beautiful adornments that help to make the tattoo completely unique. The Ohm tattoo in short allows a person to express their understanding to a deeper and spiritual realm.

Ohm Tattoo Gallery

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