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21 Elephant Tattoos With Symbolic Meanings

One reason the elephant tattoo connects with so many people is because of the diverse meanings associated with the largest animal on the planet.

Not only can this 8 ton animal be one of the strongest, it has loving family qualities that endear it to many.

Respected in many parts of the world like Africa and Asia, the elephant tattoo has a very distinct meaning to different people across the globe.

This tattoo is considered more than just in under your skin, it represents a connection with nature, a maternal bond with Mother Earth that signifies a huge list of different meanings, just like indian tattoos.

The Powerful Elephant Tattoo

The elephant is huge in size and enormous in strength, but peel away that outer layer and you find a gentle creature that is extremely quiet unless they become provoked.

That symbolic trait connects with those who prefer peace to force, and the tattoo will signify that regardless the size, the force within can not be overcome.

Females especially connect with the elephant tattoo because it can represent that bond a mother has with child, the protector of the herd, willing to risk her life to protect the ones she loves, also similar to paw print tattoos.

This strong bond and connection is one of the powerful symbolic representations the elephant tattoo portrays.

Elephants shown holding the tails of other elephants expresses both a tight family bond and a show of force or invincibility.

Connection With Wisdom and Good Luck

The Hindu religion regard the elephant as a symbolic representation of communication, wisdom, good luck, and success.

This religion has close ties with the power of the elephant being able to move large obstacles that stand in the way of the pure heart.

The upturned elephant trunk in the tattoo is said to bring good luck, wisdom, and discernment.

The artist has the ability to utilize your connection with the elephant into the size, location, and coloring of the design.

The larger the tattoo, the larger the obstacles that can be overcome and the bigger the force coming at you if you ever decided to harm those closest to the herd.

Choosing Your Symbolic Representation

The elephant stands for so much in different religions that it is not difficult to connect your own unique personality to the traits of the might elephant.

Considered a sign of fertility for some, the elephant tattoo can represent devotion, consideration, patience, and chastity to others.

In Tibet and India, the elephant has long been considered a leading player in creation. The drawing of elephants holding large objects in their trucks symbolize keeping balance and the world in its place.

A great maternal elephant tattoo utilizes the color white throughout to symbolize fertility and wisdom.

Others have turned to the elephant tattoo to represent nobility, happiness, determination, compassion, and invincibility.

Be sure when choosing your elephant tattoo that you carefully consider which trait you best connect with so the artist can express it clearly in the design.

The silhouette of an elephant can have the same lasting impression as a detailed design if the meaning is easily conveyed.

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