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Oak Tree Tattoos With Powerful and Dominant Meanings

The oak tree is one of the most recognized of all trees, and for that, it has become one of the most popular concepts for tattoos. Other than these trees looking amazing when done by the best tattoo artists, they really do have some very unique associations that appeal to many.

If you are looking for a tattoo design that is powerful and helps to remind you of your core values and beliefs, then consider the oak tree tattoos.

Here are just some of the reasons why more and more people are transforming their bodies with the oak tree tattoos.

The Association and Connection to the Past

The top of the oak tree is where the leaves and acorns grow, and each year despite the turbulence of the winter, they spring to life and new growth takes over the tree. This is a very appealing prospect for those who have difficulties and challenges today but understand that tomorrow is another day.

The oak tree tattoos remind these folks that regardless how things might appear when the tree is stripped away of all its fruit, tomorrow those buds will sprout and new growth will be coming back stronger than ever.

As this person matures, they can list their accomplishments on the leaves of the tree to remind them of exactly how far they have traveled.

Being Able to Bend and Not Break

The oak tree is able to withstand the forces of nature, unlike any other tree. Even at an early age, the tree will bend in the wind and snap back to form, and this happens day after day, year after year. What eventually happens is that the oak tree gets stronger each year, so regardless how powerful the winds or the approaching storms, the oak tree stands tall.

The oak tree tattoos are symbolic of a person’s determination in any conditions, even when things look like they are not going to turn around.

The image of the tall and strong oak for many remind them that they do have what it takes to weather any storm and to come out stronger on the other side once all is said and done.

Roots Running Deeper than Realized

One of the associations you can make with the oak tree is that regardless how big and tall it gets, it would be nothing without that strong root system. The roots spread out far and wide and grip the earth in a way that acts like an anchor. For many who decide to get oak tree tattoos, this can represent the strength and power in their own family roots.

Having the roots labeled with the family members of past decades allows one to connect with their heritage and family in a way that displays how proud they are. The roots can be symbolic of connection, love, family, and bonds that transcend the ages.

These are just a few of the reasons ink lovers are transforming their bodies with these very powerful oak tree tattoos. Whether a reminds of one’s ancestors or the ability to bend and never break, this is one design that stands the test of time.

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