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23 NYC Skyline Tattoos With Meanings



Most people who choose the NYC skyline tattoo have never even been to the city that never sleeps, because they see it in movies, television shows, and live events like the New Years Eve celebration. New York is rich in history, and is considered to be the melting pot of this country. The city hosts dozens of parades each year for a variety of groups and cultures, all using the NYC skyline as the backdrop to their events.

Here are a few reasons the NYC skyline tattoo has become one of the more popular ink choices in recent years.

The Symbolic Big Apple
The city of New York is rich in culture, and those who choose the NYC skyline tattoo understand that everyone instantly recognizes it. The skyline design can be modern, or the traditional skyline that included the twin towers.

These tattoo designs are symbolic of hope, strength, power, determination, uniqueness, individuality, and a love for everything New York. The people of this city are tough, make no mistake about it, and they love to tell the world in as loud a voice as possible they love their big apple.

The Connection to New York
Other reasons for getting the NYC skyline tattoo are to connect with something about the city that touches you personally.

Popular reasons for getting this ink is for those who love Broadway and the arts, those who are have Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Rangers, or Islanders blood running through them, and those who love the history of the city. Lady Liberty welcomed in many of our ancestors though this city, and it serves as a reminder to those who came before us in tough time to provide us what we have today.

The Fallen Towers
When the twin towers were taken down, although it changed the NYC skyline forever, this city did not let that moment in time define it. Instead, a new tower rose from the ashes in the exact location, and the skyline once again is recognized around the world.

Today the NYC skyline tattoo is representative of hope, healing, love, friendship, compassion, and the ability to move on and heal from the deepest of wounds. Many who lost loved ones in the 911 disaster commemorate them by getting inked in the older NYC skyline tattoo.

Whether you have been to the big city or just marvel at it, everyone has their reasons for loving NYC. The food, the culture, the sports, it all is wrapped up in that skyline for the world to see.

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