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Number Tattoos With Huge Variety in Meanings

While there are only a handful of prime numbers to choose from when used in a tattoo design the possibilities are truly endless. Some make use of numbers in their ink designs to signify an important date in their lives, while others connect more with numerology on a spiritual level.

If you are looking for a new tattoo design that will really allow you to showcase your individuality, number tattoos are the way to go.

Here are just a small sampling of the ways that number tattoos can be used to create a compelling ink design.

Association to Sports

One of the ways you can use numbers in a tattoo design is by simply associating them with sports. Perhaps you have a deep connection with Jackie Robinson, the only sports player to have his number retired in every sport, so you choose the number 42 to commemorate his legacy.

Others choose a number of a uniform they wore while playing sports, whether in high school, college, or on a professional level. Then you have those who made an accomplishment in sports that may never be broken, like a home run record, games played, or goals scored.

Sports and numbers go hand in hand, so this is a perfect way to get inked with something relevant to you.

The Power of Numerology

Different numbers have different meanings, and with numerology, you could combine your love of the horoscope with numbers and ink up with something that is completely unique to you.

The day your were born, year, and month, all play a huge role with numerology, as well as certain numbers having more significance than others. For example, the number 7 has a Biblical connection to perfection.

The number 13 has a karmic connection of getting rid of old things and replacing them with new. If you have a favorite number, you probably closely associate with the meaning of that number.

Huge Variety in Number Tattoo Meanings

Like we said earlier, some number have very distinct meanings, but that is only the top of the iceberg. Some choose geographic numbers to signify a certain place on the planet.

This could be representative of where they were born, where they want to retire, or a place near to their heart. Others get inked with the numbers they met their soul mate, their wedding day, or the date a child was born.

Gamblers have this incredible connection to the number 7, 13, or whatever number on the roulette table or poker games they associate with. Memorial tattoos are effective with just the date your loved one has passed and can be embellished with angels, wings, or a grave marker.

As you can see, the possibilities for your number tattoo are limitless, and we didn’t even talk about those who have a love of everything mathematics.

There are very clever math puns that come across as a foreign language to some, while those in the know appreciate this intelligent twist on numbers because they can put something out there in a design that the majority of those reading it will have zero clue what it really means.

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