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Monkey Tattoos and Their Fun and Creative Meanings

The one thing about monkey tattoos that can not be understated is this, they certainly can be drawn in a huge variety of styles that fit just about every personality or style. These tattoos can be associated with someone who is energetic, witty, and jovial, and they even have some deep religious meanings as well.

Let’s take a deeper look into one of the more popular animal tattoo designs today!

The Monkey and the Buddha

According to one Buddhist legend, one of the twelve animals he took with him on his ascension to heaven was a monkey. The monkey is held in the highest regard because they were thought to be in charge of accompanying a monk who was carrying Buddha’s teachings.

These little creatures were associated with courage, and they were though to be able to protect the monks from any demons or bad spirits.

Because of the help of the monkey, the monks were able to spread these holy teachings worldwide. Today the monkey is still seen as protectors.

Meanings of Monkey Tattoos

Due to the huge variety of monkey designs, the meanings ca be quite varied. Throughout history, however, this little powerhouse has come to symbolize wit, intelligence, and protection.

The monkey can also represent fertility, justice, harmony, and spirituality. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of this tattoo subject, size, shape, and placement can all be customized to the liking of the individual.

If you want your tattoo to symbolize power, a full chest or back tattoo will suffice. If you admire the spiritual connection with your monkey tattoo, it can be just out of sight on the shoulder, wrist, or the back of the neck.

Variations of Money Tattoos

Whether you are going for an actual sketch of a money or a fun cartoon character like Curious George, there are several variations you can choose from. The chimpanzee is the closest living relative to humans, and they make great tattoo material because of their human features.

The hear, see, speak no evil monkey tattoo simply means that you do not associate with the evils of life. Tribal monkey tattoos often reflect the playful nature of this animal, while evil monkey tattoos are symbolic of no religious significance and a free spirit.

Monkey skulls, however, send a powerful message about a man’s mortality, and they typically are symbolic of destruction and death. These can be representative of humanity as a whole headed off the cliff unless drastic changes are made.

Monkeys can be some of the most playful and fun-loving animals on the planet. In cartoon form in a tattoo, they take on a whole new fun meaning.

A baby monkey or cartoon drawing symbolizes joy, passion, fun, curiosity, playfulness, and creativity. Think Boots the monkey from Dora the Explorer, he is full of energy and excitement in every episode.

Many people choose this particular type monkey tattoo to be symbolic of their child, a reminder of when they were just tiny little things finding their own way through life.

It can also be a unique way to pay homage to one’s childhood, a reminder to never take oneself too serious.

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