18 Lock and Key Tattoos With Lovely and Amazing Meanings

Lock and Key Tattoos

While not considered a mainstream tattoo, the lock and key is a beautiful design that does symbolize many different colorful meanings.

Usually tattooed alone to represent one meaning, today many artists are incorporating several elements and symbols in one.

The lock and key tattoos are worn by both women and men, come in a variety of unique sizes and styles, and look great just about anywhere on the body.

The Meaning Behind the Lock and Key

The lock and key was invented for one purpose, to basically protect valuables, like rosary beads tattoo. The role of the lock and keys has changed slightly over time, from protecting vehicles to imprisoning someone in jail.

The interpretation of the lock and key tattoos varies for each person as to what they consider valuable.

While some consider things like gold and silver valuable, others want to lock up their feelings and emotions from others. Others still want to protect those they love, like parents, children, or a partner.

While the lock and key tattoos can relate to all the above, it is the meaning you hold closest to your heart (heart tattoo gallery) that will be a symbolic part of your design.

Connection of Love and the Lock and Key

Surely you have heard the expression that, “you have the key to my heart”. A unique twist on the traditional lock and key tattoos is to transform the shape of the lock into a heart, and have a persons name tattooed within.

The key can also be placed on another part of the body that only a certain person knows about, like behind the ear or a more intimate area of the body.

The shape of the heart in the lock or the key is symbolic of a loving relationship between two individuals, similarly to the wedding ring tattoos.

A very fun twist on this concept is to have one person get the tattoo of the lock while the other gets the tattoo of the key. This way the only way the lock can be symbolically opened is when the other person is near.

People wearing both lock and key also represent the search for that right person to come along.

Additional Meanings of the Lock and Key

One reason that the lock and key tattoos are so popular is because there is a large variety of different meanings associated with this design and it can be inked in combination with black and white tattoo ink.

Although you can have this symbol represent just about anything that is of importance to you, popular choices like the following have been closely associated with the two.

The open lock with the key inserted symbolizes a new freedom, or the release of something a person has been holding inside for far too long.

The closed lock without the key represents being locked up, finding eternal love, or having that feeling of security with oneself.

The key inserted and turning inside the lock symbolizes a new beginning or change. Popular variations to the lock and key tattoos include adding a decorative ribbon through the end of the key with a saying or persons name printed within.

With so many associations to the lock and the key, it is easy to see why this tattoo is growing in popularity each year.

Whether you have finally been freed from a troubling relationship or you have found your soul mate, the lock and key design easily represents an emotion you want to scream to the world.

Lock and Key Tattoo Gallery

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