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34 Anatomical Heart Tattoos With Strong Meanings

The heart design in a tattoo is obviously a symbol of passion, love, and adoration, but some ink lovers have taken things to the extreme by creating anatomical heart tattoos that really reveal a deeper side.

While heart designs have been utilized in tattoos since sailors would get inked with the name of their boat or loved one, today the body art lovers have a more complex view of the heart. By drawing a working heart in full detail, the game changes as far as meaning for the wearer.

The Broken Heart

Designing the anatomical heart tattoos that are not function or torn down the middle are representative of a broken heart in the truest sense. These designs are symbolic of pain, and this can be a result of losing a loved one or having their heart ripped out by a former lover.

Make no mistake about it, when the anatomical heart is broken, this person wants the world to know that they are not going to simply forget the ordeal.

Some choose to have the heartbroken to represent that they are in a long distance relationship and their heart is yearning to be with another.

The Black Heart

When getting the anatomical heart and filling it in with black ink, this symbolizes this person, in fact, has a black heart. This can be representative of a very dark day in this person life, like the loss of a friend, lover, or family member, or a memorial of a tragic event that took place.

The black heart can represent losing a loved one in the 911 tragedy, or that you simply feel that event touched you so deep that you will never forget.

A black anatomical heart feels no love anyone, has been destroyed by others, or could be unable to love again and reminds the wearer to never wear their heart on their sleeve again.

The Anatomical Heart Meanings

While typically a little heart is symbolic of love, joy, passion, and happiness, the anatomical heart tattoos are more mechanical in nature and strip away all that wishy-washy feelings associated with those big red hearts popular on Valentine’s Day.

The working heart can be representative of a person who has unrivaled passion, who puts their heart into their work, who may have a tough exterior but they want the world to see that they do have a beating heart like us all. This tattoo design can be symbolic of strength, power, passion, drive, focus, commitment, and desire.

People who know their passion in life, whether that be writing, singing, acting, flying, or cooking, know that their heart drives them to be better each day and pushes them to stay the course.

The anatomical heart tattoos are more mechanical than they are about feelings of love. The heart is just another organ to these wearers, and they want the world to see it functions at a higher level than most will allow, pushing them to be better in every aspect of their lives. Whether blackened, broken, or run through with a blade, this heart will continue beating strong.

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