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Italian Tattoos – From Classic to Modern and Their Meanings

Italians in general are very vibrant and love doing things in style. The Italian horn symbol, the green, white, and red Italian flag, or traditional Italian phrases have all become popular ideas for classic to modern Italian tattoos.

If you’re considering an Italian tattoo, you should make certain the translation matches perfectly to the scripted tattoo. That being said, we will discuss some of the more easily recognized tattoo designs that represent Italian heritage.

One of the most popular of all the Italian tattoos is the shape of Italy. This symbol is easily recognized, and you can enhance the imagery with the red, green, and white flag flying throughout.

This is the perfect design to showcase your pride in your Italian heritage, or it may serve as a reminder to the country you moved away from years ago. Either way, this permanent reminder of Italy is something you carry with you the rest of your life.

The Italian horn is something many Italians wear around their neck with their gold jewelry. Some go small, others get the horn almost as large as a finger, but they all represent the same thing.

Getting an Italian tattoo with the horn is symbolic of pride, patriotism, and a connection to family. The wearer can choose to have a crown inked on the top of the horn or to incorporate the colors of the Italian flag in the design too.

What better way to show your love for your country than to simply go with a heart and fill it in with the three colors of the Italian flag. While simplistic in concept, this is one of the Italian tattoos that allows you to show your pride but connect with others who feel the same way. This is a popular tattoo design for men and women, and can be inked just about anywhere on the body.

Taking things to another extreme, some body ink lovers who want to show their love of country and family get inked with their Italian family crest.

These can be some of the most intricate and complex tattoo designs, and they often incorporate many elements of the Italian heritage in one. Italian phrases that say Trust In God, Love Thy Country, or Life Is Beautiful, is certainly appropriate here.

Religion and Italian heritage make powerful tattoos, especially those that are meant to memorialize the passing of a loved one. Whether a grave marker draped with the Italian flag, or the cross of Jesus with Italian phrases abound, this is a very dominant and bold tattoo design that highlights you love of family, religion, and country, all in one.

Joining the American and Italian flags together is a creative way to show your Italian-American pride. These designs can be drawn as standalone flags, or the skin can be torn apart and below the surface it appear that the flags are parts of the anatomy.

Have fun with your design, it is all about pride, love, devotion, and commitment when it comes to Italian tattoos.

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