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36 Horseshoe Tattoos With Happy and Lucky Meanings

Make no mistake about it, the horseshoe tattoos are instantly recognized when you see them. Because there are multiple meanings associated with horseshoe tattoos, even the slightest change to the design can have a huge impact on the overall effect.

This is certainly one tattoo design that is great for men and women alike and has no negative connotations that could be found objectionable.

Personalizing the horseshoe only adds to the appeal, something that is the reason for the explosion in popularity of the design over the years.

The Horse Lover Design

Some people just have a deep affection for anything that has to do with horses, and rather than have a pony inked on their body, they choose to go with the iconic horseshoe design instead.

Whether you own a horse, ride horses, care for horses, play horseshoes, or just love this magnificent beast, the horseshoe tattoos for you is all about a connection with the animal.

Perhaps you own a horse that you consider a pet, or you have been riding since you were a child, you have that connection that is often difficult to explain to others. Many who have lost a horse place the name above and the dates below the design to memorialize their dear friend.

The Symbol of Good Luck

For those who do not own or care for horses, the horseshoe tattoos are all about luck. Dating back to the ancient Romans, it is believed the association to luck was created when the warriors would wear charms and amulets of horseshoes into battle for protection.

It was believed the horseshoe could keep the feet of the warriors horses safe in battle, so through the ages, it represented the protection of all sorts. Today, lady luck is represented by the horseshoe, and gamblers of all levels know that when they see the shape exactly what it represents.

Many ink lovers will place a pair of cards, dice, or even slot machines in the foreground of the design to express their belief in good luck. Those who wager on horse races and have scored big get the ink as a reminder of their big score.

Wearing the Horseshoe Design

Depending on where you came from, the position of the horseshoe in the design means different things to different folks. While many think that an upside-down horseshoe tattoo is a bad luck, this is not necessarily the case.

Inking a design with the horseshoe open end facing downward only represents for them that they are finally letting all that bad luck fall out. Perhaps they have beaten or are fighting a disease or addiction, and they are letting the bad luck simply fall away.

The more common representation is open end up, symbolic of collecting all that good luck around you. Whether worn on the arm, neck, back, or ankle, the size of the horseshoe is simple in concept but big in meaning.

Placing a four-leaf clover, ace of spades, or lucky 8-ball with the horseshoe only intensifies your desire to attract more luck into your life. Those who are born lucky and seem to fall into rewarding opportunities get the horseshoe tattoo as a reminder of their good fortunes.

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