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Graffiti Tattoos With Creative and Distinct Meanings

When you see the graffiti tattoos, you know exactly what you are looking at. They resemble the drawings you see in most major cities on subway cars, sides of buildings, and even highway overpasses. These are not just gang signs, these have become an artistic form of expression that is gaining popularity over the years.

If you prefer a unique and bold look in your tattoo design, the graffiti tattoos may be a perfect choice for you.

Before you choose just any spray-paint art for your tattoo design, consider these trendy styles and make certain you work with an artist skilled in that particular design so that your design springs to life.

One of the most popular of all graffiti tattoos is the spray can actually filling in the words inked on the body. Now the choice of words can either be representative of a family member who has passed, a partner, or even words of inspiration.

The draw with this tattoo is that it appears to be a work in progress, as the colors are still being filled in by the paint can.

When it comes to graffiti tattoos, it is all about the color. Regardless how wild the font or what these words represent, brighter is better.

These pieces of art are created to pop, to stand out in a crowd, and that is exactly what you should consider when getting inked. These tattoos are representative of those who want to be seen, to show their creativity, to announce they are one-of-a-kind.

Not all graffiti is about gangs, but one of the popular themes for gang members and those who have a deep spiritual connection is anything related to God.

Drawing Jesus, Mary, or religious text in balloon style with vivid colors is something that has mass appeal. While religious scripture in graffiti tattoos is usually inked on the hands and forearms, women have gotten on board with back, neck, and leg tattoos of the same.

A growing trend when it comes to graffiti tattoos is the first have the artist draw a brick wall on the body, then they get to work adding the graffiti. Some popular choices here are his and her names, inspirational quotes, or initials.

The contrast in the colors used in the fonts combined with the red brick walls really gives the graffiti tattoos a 3-D effect similar to that you see splattered across bridges, houses, and box cars across a city.

One of the other reasons the graffiti tattoos have gained notoriety in recent years is because they make exceptional cover-ups.

Perhaps you are no longer with the person you got inked on your arm, you don’t have that religious connection, or you fell out of fashion with a popular tattoo design from your younger years. The graffiti tattoos can easily mask that mistake and bring your skin art back to life in a fun and colorful way.

These graffiti tattoos are fun to design, appealing to loo at, and allow you to really express your own wild side, no matter how small or big it may be.

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