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Forever Tattoos and Their Power of Connection

The concept of the forever tattoos is simple, you are getting inked with a design that tells the world that something or someone in your life is going to be around for as long as you are on this planet. Dating back to when tattoos first gained popularity in this region, the way that you express undying love for someone or something was simply getting the name inked in the center of a heart.

The days of inking “MOM” in the middle of a heart have changed, and today many tattoo artists and ink lovers alike have come up with some incredibly creative ways to display their own forever tattoos.

These are just some of the more popular ways that you can start your own unique journey into getting forever tattoos in the subject matter of your choice.

The Connection to a Lost Loved One

One of the most incredible ways that you can pay tribute to a lost loved one is with the forever tattoos. These ink designs act like memorials, allowing you to show your undying love for someone while having it placed on your body so you can be reminded daily of that connection.

Some of the unique ways to connect with a lost love in a tattoo design are having the infinity loop drawn with that person’s name, or both your names, in the loop.

Another creative way is to place the name of the loved one as the finishing section of the outline of a heart.

Finding the Love of Your Life

Once you find your soul mate, you want to be able to yell it from the rooftops to the world. The forever tattoos give you an opportunity to show everyone that you are complete now.

Some of the creative ways to display the love of your life in these tattoos are by inking their name in one part of a puzzle piece and your name in the other.

The same can be done with a lock and a key, or even placing both names in the infinity loop. Heart designs can be drawn as interlocking symbols with each name overlapping the other or each half of the infinity loop as a section of the heart.

Revealing a Part of Who You Are

A unique way to give the hold a small glimpse into who you really are is to use the forever tattoos to reveal your core values and beliefs.

Some choose the infinity loop and place inspirational words like faith, hope, passion, persistence, dreamer, and giver, to remind themselves of who they are regardless what the outside world is doing these days.

Another way is to have the word forever in the infinite loop with the inspirational word or phrase on the other half, basically saying how these words are a part of who you were yesterday, who you are today, and who you will be forever.

So now that you have an idea of how many people are designing their own forever tattoos, take your concept and try to expand upon these ideas to make the design completely your own.

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