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Egyptian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

It is very important that if you want to get an Egyptian tattoo, you understand the meanings associated with each symbol. Just because you find one design appealing, you might find out too late that it represents something far different than you assumed.

With so many different Egyptian symbols to choose from, let us take a closer look at all the unique possibilities and their meanings.

The Ankh

This Egyptian tattoo symbol is nothing more than a stick figure without legs, but make no mistake about it, it holds significant meaning with the ancient Egyptians.

This is their symbol for eternal life, and this society believed you must possess the Ankh to have protection as you go from life here on Earth to the afterlife.

The Scarab

Similar looking to a giant roach, the scarab is a beetle that was symbolic of rebirth and spontaneity with the Egyptians.

This is the perfect tattoo design for those who want to grab attention but leave something to be desired as far as meaning.

Eye of Horus

This ancient symbol looks like the eyes of Cleopatra and is representative of the all-seeing eye. This is actually a symbol of the God of the Sky, who scarified his own eye during the course of battle.

This can be inked on the body as a third eye or as a symbol of a connection to a higher power.


The Anubis has the body of a human and head of dog, and is regarded as the protector of the dead. His job is to watch over those who have passed on to the afterlife, and is seen drawn on several pyramids around Egypt.

This is a great tattoo design if you are looking for that added protection, someone to basically always have your back.

The Phoenix

The phoenix is a mythical bird that rose from the ashes to start life anew. Those who choose this as a focal point for their tattoo do so because of the connection to rebirth, having left behind the struggles from earlier in life.

Whether an addiction or abusive relationship, this person has moved on to better things.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is the second most recognized of all Egyptian tattoos, and it is representative of protection, guardianship, and security. The job of the Sphinx was to protect the body of the king.


Easily the most recognized in all Egyptian tattoos, the pyramid is a symbol of power, energy, and stability. This is the perfect anchor piece for a full back tattoo as it encompasses the spine, lower leg, and upper arms all in one.


Cat lovers around the world are drawn to the unique design of the Bastet. This silhouette of a sitting cat is actually representative of the cat Goddess. Perfect imagery for a tattoo because the tradition design is all black, so it looks amazing on any part of the body.


Lastly, many choose hieroglyphics in their Egyptian tattoos because you can promote something without anyone knowing what the meaning is.

Word of caution, check, double-check, triple-check, and check again that the meaning matches these symbols or you will be stuck with an embarrassing mistake you can’t erase.

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