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16 Eagle Feather Tattoo Meanings With Diverse and Unique Meanings

The eagle feather tattoo is often associated with Native American culture, but in recent years, it has taken on diverse meanings that allow people of all beliefs to enjoy this popular body ink design.

In most Indian tribes, the eagle feather is considered powerful because it represents the spirit of these legendary birds.

The eagle feather tattoo can signify a purifying of the spirit and the cleansing of the energy within the environment. The eagle feather represents the uplifting of the persons spirit and a deep gratitude towards the spirit of the eagle.

The Association to Native Americans

The eagle and feathers have always had a deep and meaningful associate with the Native American people, from the warriors all the way up to the tribal chief. Indian warriors were given the eagle feather to represent bravery, courage, and victory in battle.

Those powerful associations resonate with many who choose this type body art. To take things a step further, many associate the eagle feather with the nobility of the heart and being able to take flight quite easily in both everyday life and their eventual spiritual journey.

The eagle feathers can be used for communication in those Indian tribes, in a sense a message from the spiritual world to the living.

The Transformation of the Eagle Tattoo

The popularity of the eagle feather associations has been adapted by many other cultures around the world. The eagle feather and tattoo are a representation of a powerful holy exchange taking place.

Coming in contact with an eagle feather has long been a representation of the spiritual world trying to reach out to someone in the living world. Whether it is a deceased love one or friend, the eagle feather is seen as a direct message between the two, thus, the popularity of the permanent eagle feather grows.

By wearing the eagle feather as a permanent tattoo, this person can always have that connection with a loved one who has passed on to the spiritual world.

The Variety of Eagle Feather Ideals

The vast meanings of the eagle feather tattoo today can be quite diverse. Today many people are placing the eagle tattoo just about anywhere on their body with unique colors that can bring out the fine details in the art.

For many people who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces, the eagle feather tattoo is a representation of honor, hope, and freedom.

For those who connect more with purity, truth, magic, and traveling, this is the perfect symbol for those reasons and more. This colorful feather can symbolize dreams, faith, inspiration, a higher spirit, or even enlightenment.

The popularity of the eagle tattoo continues to grow each year as more people are beginning to realize the deep connection with the eagle feather and different cultures.

The Celtics believed wearing the feather would allow them to transform into birds, thereby giving them what is referred to as a birds-eye view of the world. Others look to Egypt and how the symbol represents both justice and truth.

The connection to power, bravery, and a higher calling have given the eagle tattoo the ability to soar into history as one of the more popular ink designs in the world.

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