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Duck Tattoos – Symbolism and Meanings Associated with Them

When most people try to picture a duck in their minds, they are instantly brought images of their childhood, cartoon-like drawings of silly duck characters, but the meanings and symbolism go so much deeper.

The duck is actually quite resourceful, being able to live comfortably on either land or water, has the ability to adapt quite well to their surroundings. These migratory birds have the unique ability to escape their enemies by land, sea, or air.

Consider all these unique attributes and symbolism when considering getting duck tattoos.

The Duck Throughout History

While many think the duck is just a delicious meal hunters have been chasing for centuries, the attributes of the duck are what make it such a great body ink choice.

This extremely elusive creature has been revered by the Indians for centuries due to it being representative of them as the cycle of life. Celtics have long associated the duck with simplicity, honesty, resourcefulness, and sensitivity.

The reason this creature is so adored is because they can adapt to their environment easily, and are seen as graceful animals on the water, in the air, or even walking on land.

Common Associations to the Duck

Now while many either associate the duck with hunting or cartoon characters, when it comes to duck tattoos, the variety of meanings is diverse as their feather patterns. Ducks have long been considered omens of good luck when you see them, especially in dreams.

Others see the duck as a symbol of conservation, a commitment to bettering the environment, and helping to preserve natural habitats for future generations to be able to enjoy.

Some ducks are considered to be symbolic of male fertility, while Pagan cults use the head of the duck as their unique symbol.

Silly Side of the Duck

There are numerous cartoon ducks throughout the years that just connect with people on a silly level. Donald Duck is by far the tops as cartoon ducks go, but they all are representative in a tattoo of a person with a playful, fun, and free spirit.

The person getting inked with a cartoon duck tattoo does not take themselves too serious, and they love the fact they can show the world they refuse to grow up, they enjoy being spontaneous, and putting out there how fun they can be.

Meaning of Duck Tattoos

Although there is a huge variety of the type ducks and the way they can be drawn, there are many common meanings today that cover every end of the spectrum.

On one side, the duck is symbolic of adaptability, resourcefulness, and transition. Those who connect with the saying about water off the ducks back see their tattoo design meaning resilience, migration, and persistence.

For others popular duck tattoo meanings range from community, elusiveness, rebirth, the circle of life, masculinity, and determination.

Whether you are going with the rubber duck tattoo to represent a time in your childhood or your own child, or you are a hunter by nature and the duck is just a picture of your ultimate prize, the vast amount of meanings makes this by far one of the more popular tattoo designs that you can choose.

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