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14 Dove Tattoos With Powerful Meaning


Dove tattoos are some of the most beautiful and symbolic that you could utilize as body art. The dove not only flies through reality and legend, it has symbolism associated with it that carries a deep meaning with anyone who considers choosing this design for their tattoo.

The migratory path of the dove can be depicted in a smaller size in very concealed places or broadcast to the world as the enormous shoulder, chest, and back tattoos. If you are still on the fence about getting the dove in your tattoo design, consider some of the following to make your choice an easier one.

The Dove and Christianity

The dove has a very close association with Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. The dove connects both these religious icons and symbolizes divine inspiration for followers.

The dove can symbolize carrying messages from Christ himself to all his followers. Long believed in Christian wisdom is the dove as a symbol of sacrifice and faith. The dove tattoo symbol can represent notable attributes and does portray purity in faith.

Many people who love getting inked with religious symbols try to utilize the spiritual connection of the dove with their belief in the Christian faith. That spiritual devotion you feel is easily portrayed on the body in the form of the dove.

The Arthurian Legend

It might come as a surprise to many that the dove holds very high stature when it comes to King Arthur himself. There are numerous artworks all depicting the dove and King Arthur connection, and this only adds to the appeal of the dove tattoo design.

The Holy Grail and King Arthur are linked together in history, and the dove is the connection that binds those two. The dove is often used as a representation of the Holy Grail, symbolizing purity, everlasting life, and purity intent.

The Holy Grail is considered to be that vessel to the higher knowing, and the dove is used today as that reference to connect people with a higher being.

The Tarot and the Dove

The connection of the dove and peace comes from a variety of sources, ranging from Celtic to Christianity, and it carries the deep meaning associated with well-being. With the Tarot, the dove makes many appearances, and it has a deep meaning to the peace that often comes after the battle.

Perhaps a person is fighting for a good cause, and the dove tattoo can help them to easily recognize that they will always be fighting the good fight.

Incorporating the dove tattoo into a design could show that although you are fighting today, you expect that someday you will rise above the challenges, like the dove, and get to the other side where there is peace.

The Dove Meanings Today

With so many deep spiritual connections to the dove, it can easily be used to convey a number of meanings that the wearer favors. Today, many people associate the dove with love, endless hope, and a strong faith in the God.

The dove represents truth, a strong trust in oneself and their purity and guidance. The symbol also can be seen as calm, keeping someone in check during troubled times, a symbol of inspiration and redemption. Going back to the Mother Mary reference, the dove is symbolic of motherhood, divine connections, and even virgin qualities.

One of the unique ways that the dove tattoo can be depicted is when a parchment is held in the dove’s mouth that reveals a phrase or words that hold a deeper meaning with the bearer.

The dove does connect on a much deeper level with a mom than it does with others. The most divine mothers of all time, Mary, Venus, Aphrodite, and Ishtar, all can be seen connected to the dove at one point.

The doves have also been referenced as feeding others like Zeus, a motherly gesture that today can symbolize a mom caring for and protecting her children or caring for those who can not care for themselves.

Whether you are a new mom, someone who loves their mom, or a mother to be, the dove is a permanent representation of a connection with a child of any age. The dove and its connection to peace, love, and everything motherly, appeal to a global audience of tattoo wearers.

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