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23 Unique Dandelion Tattoos With Vibrant and Meanings


The bane of existence when pertaining to maintaining a beautiful lawn, the dandelion tattoos have a very unique and powerful meaning that draws in ink lovers worldwide. This resilient little flower is able to grow anywhere, in a field of stones, on a busy highway, or in the middle of a sidewalk. Make no mistake, this is not your everyday little weed.

History of the Dandelion Flower

This little yellow flower first got its unique name back in the 15th century, derived from Latin den lionis, the name referred to the jagged shape of the flower leaves and how they resembled the sharp teeth of a lion.

The French then transformed the name to dent-de-lion, and finally Middle English settled on the name by which this part time weed or flower is known by. The name refers to the look of the flower, and is symbolic of a person who is fierce, strong, powerful, and has the ferocity of a lion. A person with the dandelion tattoo understands the strength this little plant has within, despite what it looks like on the outside.

The Dandelion Meanings Today

One reason the dandelion tattoos are popular today is the diverse meanings associated with it that connect to so many people. On one hand, the dandelion tattoos are representative of a healing from emotional pain, or possibly overcoming a severe physical injury.

On a more spiritual level, the dandelion represents intelligence, survival, and inner warmth. Those who are drawn to the dandelion find that it embodies someone who has survived many difficulties, is moving past challenges, and will persist in the future against all odds.

This little yellow flower is also symbolic of a youthful joy, never-ending happiness, and one who is getting their wishes fulfilled.

Rising Above Any Challenge

One only needs to look at the difficult life of the dandelion to see how resilient it can be. These weeds are poisoned to make way for a lush green lawn, pulled and yanked out of gardens, and even cemented over to make way for a patio, sidewalk, or driveway.

The little dandelion on needs a small crack in the surface and a drop of soil to thrive once against despite everything being thrown at it. These qualities are some of the more appealing for body ink lovers, and they have come up with some very creative ways to express their own challenges by way of the dandelion.

Some see themselves as persistent as this tiny flower, others love the way it thrives in the worst conditions.

Whether you are connecting with this flower because of its strength, resiliency, or determination to bloom, dandelion tattoos allow a person to express their commitment to themselves and to the world in a way that is bright, colorful, and playful.

Don’t be fooled by this little yellow flower, it possesses the determination of a small army, and will never stop doing what it was put on this planet to do, bloom and spread just a little sunshine with those nearby and beat the odds even in insurmountable conditions.

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