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14 Cloud Tattoos With Personal Expression and Infinite Meanings


One of the appealing qualities of getting the cloud tattoos is that the design possibilities are truly infinite. These designs for tattoos are becoming all the rage lately, due in part to their ability to represent numerous meanings while utilizing many variations in style and creativity.

With so many possibilities, we start by discussing the most popular meanings behind the cloud tattoo design so you can narrow down which connects best with your unique personality.

Cloud Tattoo Meanings Today

While on the surface, the cloud design may appear like a puffy white floating masses of gas, they carry with them numerous meanings that really connect differently with people. The cloud can be a symbol of a loved one who has passed, or a representation of a connection with a god.

The cloud tattoos are ideal for displaying faith in religion, regardless what that religion may be. A person who uses a cloud in the design of a tattoo can symbolize personal growth, a resilience, or just a reminder of a darker time in the past.

These clouds that are inked on the body hold a personal meaning to the wearer, and for that reason, multiple variations of core meanings can easily be achieved.

Variations of the Cloud Tattoo

The cloud tattoo design will hold a personal meaning for one person that can be completely opposite for another. It may represent patriotism for one person, while on the other hand, it could be representative of a catastrophe or a natural disaster one has survived.

The clouds are full of secrets and mystery, while for some it may be they are symbolic of a revelation, epiphany, or transformation. Depending on the meaning you are trying to connect with, different sizes, colors, and styles of the clouds can help to get your message across.

Here are a few variations to the standard cloud designs that hold different meanings that can easily align with your unique vision:

Clouds and Angel Tattoos

Clouds and angels just seem like the perfect match, especially when designing unique cloud tattoos. The angel can be representative of a guardian, and the cloud can be where they reside while they watch over and guide you through your day.

The angel in the clouds could be symbolic of a friend or loved one who has passed on but that you see as an angel looking down from the heavens through the clouds. The cloud tattoos create that permanent reminder they are above you and always with you.

Darker and storm clouds combined with an angel could represent a fallen angel, one who has moved to the dark side or who is leaving the dark forces and trying to climb back to the heavens.

The Chinese Clouds

Sometimes less is more when it comes to the meanings behind the cloud tattoos. If you want to get a design that holds special meaning for you without telling the whole world your business, a simple cloud will suffice.

In Chinese culture, the clouds represent transformation and transition. The clouds hold a very deep connection with this culture, indicating the evolution of an individual from the primitive world to the spiritual.

In order to really complete the design in the Chinese tradition, you have the clouds swirling up the arm to the shoulder and utilize traditional Chinese symbols for transformation or transition inked under the clouds. This is a powerful meaning that is beautiful and distinct at the same time.

The Mushroom Cloud Design

It doesn’t take much thinking to figure out the meaning behind the mushroom cloud tattoos design. These clouds are symbolic of disaster, catastrophe, and destruction. These iconic symbols have been utilized for decades to represent the dropping of atomic bombs and the decimation left in the wake.

Although the death toll that resulted from the bombs are tragic, may focus their designs to be more representative on advances in technology, wars won, or the evolution of science. These mushroom clouds can be used to signify an important time or event in one’s life they are leaving behind, such as an addiction, an abusive relationship, or something more general.

The colors used in these clouds can be some of the brightest and vibrant and really convey a message clearly. The mushroom tattoo can also be symbolic of the type of person one was last year and they are leaving behind forever in their quest to be someone new.

The Rain Clouds Design

Rain clouds can represent a dark side in a person’s life or having that dark cloud following them around as they make their way through each day. The dark rain clouds can also be representative of darker days that are now in the past, moving forward from things in the past that they are not proud of, moving into the light.

This is something many people use to show they have seen the light in religion, having connected with faith and transformed in the process. Those troubling times are in the past but permanently inked on the body to remind a person of a difficult situation they were able to get through and become a stronger person as a result.

Variations to the design include falling rain, lightning bolts, or even an umbrella. These represent surviving a perilous situation, personal growth, or successfully making it through a difficult period.

The Cross in the Clouds

One of the most predominant symbols in Christianity is the cross and combining it with the cloud tattoos design allows you to take the meaning up a notch. The cross in the clouds gives a person the ability to express their beliefs and faith, showing the world that one day you hope to connect with Jesus in the heavens.

The cross can also be symbolic of the passing of a loved one you feel is now in heaven and looking down on the world you live. A lost friend can be represented with their initials or name on the cross in the clouds, something you carry with you through the rest of your life until you meet again on the other side.

The cross holds unique meanings when combined in the clouds, from sacrifice, strong beliefs, to the knowing we are all going to meet again in a better place.

Now you have a better understanding why the cloud tattoos are so popular today. Whether you are memorializing a friend or loved one, showing your unwavering pride in your country, or showcasing your traits of duality and darkness, the cloud tattoo is a great choice when picking a personal design that is completely unique.

The clouds can be easily customized and are perfect for both men and women that can be adapted to fit almost anywhere on the body.

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