Beautiful Ladybug Tattoos With Lovely Meanings

Tattoos the ladybug has a unique symbolism associated with it that stretches across many different cultures.

Many scientists in the United States are just now beginning to realize to incredible positive benefits this insect has on or own survival.

The ladybug is now being utilized in farms across the country to effectively rid food sources of plant-eating bugs without the use of deadly toxic pesticides.

The ladybug is a mean and lean killing machine, despite her cute and cuddly exterior.

If you are looking for a skin art idea that has vast and deep symbolic meanings, consider getting a ladybug tattoo the next time you are ready to get inked up.

Ladybug Tattoo Gallery

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Cultural Symbolic Meanings of the Ladybug

Different cultures around the globe have unique symbolic meanings for the ladybug. In the Christian culture, the ladybug has been associated with the Virgin Mary.

This unique connection is taken in part from the fact that the ladybug is a fierce protector of plants. The ladybug will protect flowers and plants from the destructive effects of insects swiftly, allowing the natural beauty of these plants to thrive and live on.

In ancient Chinese cultures, the ladybug is auspicious and is considered to bring a person good luck, just like four leaf clover tattoo design.

According to ancient lore, if you are outdoors and a ladybug lands on your clothing, you can then expect your true love to come calling in the near future.

By counting the spots on the ladybug, you can tell how many months will pass before your love arrives.

Current Meanings of the Ladybug Tattoo

One of the most common references associated with the ladybug is good luck. If the ladybug were to land on you, expect some type of good luck in your life.

Having a permanent representation of the ladybug on your body ensures that you travel with good luck closely in tow.

The ladybug also symbolizes love, happiness, and friendship. Two friends getting similar ladybug tattoos represents a deep connection no matter how far they may be apart.

Due to the fact the ladybug is an efficient killer and will go to any length to keep the garden free of pest, the tattoo can represent a degree of protection from the evils in the world.

The Harmony of the Ladybug

Similar to how the ladybug and nature work in harmony together by eliminating destroying insects, the tattoo can be a clever representation of the unique balance in a friendship.

One friend has redeeming qualities that complement the lacking in the other. In addition to being in contact with a ladybug brings eventual fortune, killing a ladybug will surely bring someone bad luck.

The red that is associated with the ladybug symbolizes love, energy, heat, and passion which are also meanings of a open heart tattoo. Similar to ancient belief, placing a number of spots on the ladybug will represent years of good luck and fortune.

The ladybug is a beautiful creature on the exterior, yet just below the surface, she will go to any length to protect the beauty around her.

This is a very appealing tattoo design for the lady who looks glamorous on the outside but will fight to the death if those she loves are ever in harm’s way.

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