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17 Distinct Chicago Skyline Tattoos with Meanings


Whether you are a resident of Chicago, were born in this city, or have a deep admiration for some of the sports teams in this region, the Chicago skyline tattoo can be a personal representation of everything you love about this city.

The Love of the Skyline

What is it about the Chicago skyline that appeals to so many people? Take one look at it and you feel this sense of American pride, unlike any other city. One of the reasons it is so easily recognized is that this Chicago skyline tattoo contains half of the tallest buildings in one impressive landscape. This tattoo represents pride, accomplishment, and a love for the city that goes deeper than most realize.

Love of Everything Beautiful

The Chicago skyline tattoo symbolizes beauty, the architectural marvel, nothing short of a breathtaking view. If you’re a fan of stunning landscapes and designs, the view of the skyline holds a beauty that is one-of-a-kind. Many people who visit the region once are hooked, and what better way to capture the essence of that visit that creating a permanent reminder of everything Chicago.

Rooting for the Underdog

Sports fans are indeed a rare breed, and those who follow the Chicago Cubs know all to well the pain of being in love with a certain city. Chicago Cub fans have endured one of the longest championship droughts of any major sports team, yet these fans will never give up on the city they love. The Chicago skyline tattoo with a node to Wrigley Field allows those who feel the pain of the Cubs celebrate their enduring quest for the best.

Make no mistake about it, one of the most extraordinarily rich cityscapes on the planet is the Chicago skyline, it symbolizes America, patriotism, and a love for this town like no other. It is a representation of a birthplace, a link to a city that has extreme pride, and a place many wish they still called home.

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