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Centipede Tattoo Meaning And Awesome Designs

The centipede with its shape is one of the most intriguing inspirations for artists. There are many different kinds of centipede that look amazing and often it is a great choice for a tattoo. This tattoo has a deep meaning in many cultures and is one of their traditional tattoos. It is very unique and can be combined with other elements to look even more awesome. Because it lives in the dirt, this creature is dubbed as a spiritual guide that brings news from the Underworld! So, let’s check some of its meanings one by one.

The Meanings Of The Centipede Tattoo


It is an amazing choice for introverts or people who are not afraid to spend time at home away from other people and to work on them selfs. The centipede is known as the ‘Great Digger’ who digs through hidden places when no other creature can.

Hard Work

The centipede is not a showoff. It works in the dark and makes the soil fertile. It symbolizes hard work in a way that –when you work without worrying about what others think, the results will be perfect.

Wisdom And Spirituality

From this action comes wisdom. The centipede is a spiritual creature and it is a strong symbol in many cultures. As a bringer of news from the Underworld, the centipede can be seen often as a tattoo surrounded by skulls.

Good Luck And Fortune

Despite being scary, these creatures also represent good luck and fortune. In Asian cultures, it is believed that if a centipede walks into your home you will have luck soon. One of the meanings of their traditional centipede tattoos is that if you ink a centipede on your skin you will be lucky all your life.

The shape of this arthropod makes it great for any spot or style of tattoo. It is long with so many legs and it curves which makes it look even more stunning for designing. There are too many choices when it comes to where this tattoo will be inked.

Placement Of Centipede Body Art

Much like the snake tattoos, many people opt to place them on their back in a large design. When it comes to these body part usually two centipedes are inked form the right shoulder side and the left shoulder side. The middle is always blank so that you can add whatever you want to make your tattoo look even more astonishing.

The arms are also popular for this design or the fingers. There are many centipede tattoos merged in a sleeve tattoo with other elements. The most amazing part is that it can be colored in so many ways so it is always a challenge for tattoo artists to play with these particular concepts.

Also, the black or green centipede tattoo is very popular because it can be done with so many awesome shades that pop out of the skin with a 3D effect.

The centipede is not often a choice for girls, BUT many girls have one of these spiritual guides as a smaller tattoo on the ankle, finger, neck (behind the ear), etc. It is always some cute design with beautiful colors and some flowers here and there.

If you like the meanings of the centipede tattoo you can consider it for your next body art. However, in the end, your tattoo can always represent what you want it to represent. Do your research first before you choose a design because it is very important to know what your tattoo represents to you. Here is a little help, check some of the most amazing centipede tattoos to get inspired.

Centipede Tattoo For Men On Hand
Centipede Tattoo Colorful
Centipede Tattoo For Men On Stomach
Centipede Tattoo For Men On Hand
Centipede Tattoo For Men On Neck
Centipede Tattoo
Centipede Tattoo On Bicep
Centipede Tattoo For Men On Leg
Centipede Tattoo On Leg
Centipede Tattoo For Men On Stomach

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