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45 Celestial Tattoos and Meanings

When it comes to the celestial tattoos, there are so many varieties to subject matter and meanings that they have a huge global audience. Some body ink lovers prefer to go with the sun and moon, stars, and angels. While each has their own creative look, they do have unique meanings that make them more appealing to the masses.

In order to cover the huge array of celestial tattoos and their meanings, we will have to take a closer look at the associations of each in a more comprehensive manner.

The Sun and Moon Tattoos

While some prefer to get inked with the sun, others prefer the moon, while some even prefer to get the two combined into one unique design.

At the core, these celestial tattoos represent purity, magic, dreams, mystery, and influence.

A person who connects with these two celestial bodies uses them to represent eternity, fertility, mysticism, and sensuality. Others draw upon the power of subtle energy, strength, and power each has.

The Angel Tattoos

While angels can be symbolic of a loved one passing or a reminder of a guardian angel, there are several symbolic meanings that have a more broad appeal.

These angels are representative of trust, hope, divinity, awareness, and a higher thinking. Depending on the size and the type angel, it can be a reflection of intelligence, innocence, purity courage, and love. These angel tattoos offer the wearer a degree of protection from themselves and from outside forces.

The Fiery Comet

Comets are another celestial body that has become popular body ink designs. These tattoos are representative of forces in the universe that march to the beat of their own drum.

They are extremely rare to see because they burn out so rapidly. These can be symbolic of a powerful force, larger than life persona, and someone who is living fast and not afraid to die young.

These fallen stars are often a great subject matter for those who feel they don’t belong, the misfits you might say, the ones who may appear different on the outside but are made from the same stuff as the rest of us.

The Constellation

Many body ink lovers want to get their tags as a reminder of their Zodiac sign and how they are a living example of their sign. These constellations might represent on the surface the Zodiac sign, but to the wearer, they are a reminder of their strength, power, persistence, and love.

These signs all have their positive attributes, and showcasing the sign as a constellation helps to keep the idea a secret for only the wearer and those family with the particular constellation.

Each one of use was put here at this particular time for a reason, and the celestial tattoos help to remind a person that there is a much bigger force at work than we will ever realize. The designs that originate in the heavens are often representative of a powerful force, longevity, and persistence that stands the test of time.

Those getting inked with celestial tattoos understand they are part of a greater force, and they embrace the chance to be unique in their own way.

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