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31 Salvador Dali Tattoos With Complicated and Dark Meanings

Salvador Dali tattoos are becoming all the rage in recent years as more people are exposed to his unique brand of painting. While social media often gets a bad wrap for causing people to lose focus and become too easily distracted in their own world, Salvador Dali memes have introduced his dark and mysterious style to a new generation hungry for the twisted mind of this genius.

Who is Salvador Dali?

Before you can interpret the Salvador Dali tattoos, you have to know a little about the man first. Dali was a Spanish painter who utilized object symbolism to help portray fears, emotions, and thoughts into his elaborate works.

Dali was born on May 11th, 1904 in Spain, and became a prominent Surrealist artist depicting dream worlds in his paintings before changing his to a classical and religious style in the early 1940s. His most recognized piece of art is “The Persistence of Memory” featuring melting pocket watches and several ants.

His paintings took on a dark twisted approach, and today many critics say he drew that way because of an undiagnosed mental condition. More the reason his popularity is exploding this year online on social platforms and in the way of Salvador Dali tattoos.

To understand the associations and representations of Salvador Dali tattoos, we have to look at the most popular designs being used:

1. The Melting Clocks

The most recognized of all Dali pieces of art, the melting clocks really connect with many body ink lovers today on a very deep level. They are symbolic of time devouring everything in our lives, time always moving, and our time, history, and future is simply melting away.

For many this can be symbolic of running out of time, having to push harder to get things done, or realizing we all just have so much time in life and to enjoy every ticking second we can.

2. Cracking Eggs

Dali used eggs in many of his famous pieces, and today the eggs in the Salvador Dali tattoos are representative of hope and love.

Many choose the eggs to represent that they are finally breaking free from their own shells, or to symbolize something fragile in their lives that they need to protect at all costs.

Placing the egg tattoos near the heart adds an additional connection with protecting that which someone loves or holds near to their own heart.

3. The Steps and Drawers

Some of the most visually appealing designs in the Salvador Dali tattoos are the steps and drawers. These are symbolic of hidden sexual desires, skeletons in the closet, or things that need to be kept out of the public eye.

The secrets contained in the drawers could be one’s sexuality, revealed at the right time, or like the Pandora’s Box. The steps represent each step in life, and how every step should count because we all only have so many during our lifetime that we will take on this journey.

This artist took his work to a whole new level and many people today who love body art are caught up in his dark and twisted concepts. These body ink lovers can utilize his ideas while incorporating some of their own personal feelings into the works to make them completely unique.

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