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39 Gemini Tattoos and Their Zodiac Design Meanings

Easily recognized as one of the most popular tattoo designs, the Gemini zodiac symbols come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. In terms of the zodiac, those who fall into the sign of Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury as represented in the depiction of twins.

This unique zodiac sign was associated with Hermes, the Greek God along with twins Artemis and Apollo. Those under this sign have a unique desire for the spice of life, sophisticated yet diplomatic, and have this eloquent and intellectual way about them.

The following variations of the Gemini tattoos will explain in detail how each is different from the other.

Gemini Tattoos with the Moon and Stars

By incorporating the moon and stars into the Gemini tattoos, it offers a unique twist on the typical zodiac design by showing how this person appreciates their connection with a higher being.

When colored and highlighted perfectly, the symbol of the Gemini jumps off the skin and represents a connection with a life force, a power to rise above it all, and the knowing there is more to this world than the planet we live.

The Placement of the Tattoo

Placing the Gemini tattoo on the shoulder has important significance many may simply overlook who are not familiar with the characteristics of the Gemini. The ability to see the tattoo clearly is symbolic of this person having a very outgoing and social personality.

This person is also determined and can be extremely adaptive if need be. This person is not afraid to show who they are to the world.

When placed on the ankle, this smaller tattoo design is more for the wearer, someone who likes to keep to themselves and not attract too much attention.

The Gemini Twins

The Gemini is symbolic of twins, and when utilized in the tattoo design, takes on a unique meaning for the wearer. Perhaps it can mean that this person is a force to be reckoned with, they are as powerful and as determined as two people.

On the other hand, it could represent that this person has two personalities or they are the union of two different individuals.

You may be dealing with one person today, but with the flip of a switch they can become a completely different person.

The Gemini Birth Date

A clever way to incorporate your fondness of this zodiac sign into a tattoo design is by having your birth date inked in a scroll around and through the Gemini symbol. This not only shows that you are proud to be a Gemini, it tells the world the exact date in which you arrived in this world and took on the Gemini persona.

This innovative and clever design represents a personality that is bold, proud, dominant, and unafraid to take risks. The Gemini has this sort of split personality in a good way.

Similar to the way fire and water are complete opposites but both positive forces, the Gemini can be both outgoing and quiet with their design choice letting the world see one side while another is just below the surface.

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