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43 Torn Skin Tattoos With Revealing Concepts and Meanings

Some of the most popular body ink designs that you will come across nowadays are the torn skin tattoos. Depending on the concept and the tattoo artist, these designs look like real pieces of flesh are being stripped away to reveal something surprising just below the surface.

These tattoo designs are popular with women and men, and look stunning just about anywhere on the body. They can be drawn to show an entire region of the body being ripped apart or just a small section of skin in an inconspicuous place.

Here are just a few of the torn skin tattoo concepts making waves this year:

The Working Machine

Many people prefer getting their torn skin tattoos to reveal working mechanical parts below. These tattoo designs represent this person is a machine, they will stop at nothing to get the job done, and although they may bleed, they have what it takes to press forward and persevere.

Depending on the artist and the shading, the torn skin can be folded back just about anywhere on the body to show mechanical parts working just below the surface.

These folks do not play by the rules of normal society, they have a passion that operates without feeling, they are operating on a higher plan and they possess power, strength, and fearlessness.

Being Sewn Back Together

Another variation of the torn skin tattoos is where the artist simply draws the skin being sewn back together and held with some type of stitching materials. The skin can still reveal flesh below, or it can be done in a way that shows only the area that will scar when the wound heals.

These torn skin tattoos are symbolic of a person who has experienced severe trauma or pain in their life and are moving forward, someone who may have been battling an addiction, dealing with the loss of a loved one, or fighting an illness that they will not let consume them.

These healing tattoos can often be done with such detail that they appear like the skin is actually being held together temporarily.

Pride and the Die-Hard Fans

Some people have pride in their country or an affection for some sports team that goes deeper than anyone could every realize. Some of the most creative torn skin tattoos reveal a love for a country by displaying the American flag just below the surface, an American eagle, or even verses from the Constitution.

Those who follow sports and are considered die-hard fans have little trouble showing you how deep their love is for their team by placing the team logo where the torn skin used to be. Just beneath the flesh, you can see glimpses of that sports teams colors and logo, allowing anyone nearby to quickly see how deep your love for the team goes.

These torn skin tattoos are ideal for allowing the wearer to show the world a small glimpse of what this person is all about.

From skulls, Superman symbols, to religious symbols, these tattoos allow anyone to tell the world about their what kind of person they are dealing with without them uttering a single word.

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