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Arrow Tattoos and Their Association With Strength Meanings

Although the arrow tattoos were primarily used in Native American cultures, today it has a significant meaning in just about all cultures. When ancient civilizations drew the arrows, they were meant to represent hunting, warfare, history, and visions. Today, the arrow is more symbolic of a sign, but ink lovers have found some pretty unique ways to make this symbol their own.

Here are just some of the ways that you could take the arrow tattoo and create your own unique work of body art.

The Design with Multiple Arrows

The bundle of arrows in a tattoo has very historic roots, symbolizing preparedness, unity, and strength. The underlying theme in most tattoos with a bundle of arrows is family, the bond of all being more powerful than one.

When you combine two single arrows, this can represent friendship and trust, or strife and war. When the two arrows are identical, this represents close friends, soul mates, or a connection with a loved one who has passed.

Arrow Tattoos with Single Arrow

The single arrow tattoo design has a variety of meanings. Whether you are traveling down a known or unknown path, the single arrow could be used to point you in the right direction in life, or towards a goal that you are striving to reach.

The single arrow also could be symbolic of protection from harm for you or you protecting your family. If the arrow is broken, however, then the meaning changes to represent an effort to end some type of conflict or the quest for peace.

Various Representations of the Arrow

The arrow can be used in different ways to change the meaning of your tattoo design. Using Cupid’s arrow can mean you are looking for or have been struck by the love of your life.

In Zodiac terms, those under the sign of Sagittarius know this is the tool of choice for the archer. It can be symbolic of masculinity, power, and war.

If the arrow is straight, it is thought to mean honesty, while adding colorful feathers to the end of the arrow design symbolize pride. Some choose to enhance the meaning of the design by adding embellishments like hearts, a chariot, dream catcher, longbow, or a horse.

Making the Arrow Tattoos Your Own

While the size, shape, and color of the arrow tattoos can change the meaning, there are other ways to make this design all your own. Adding powerful words like freedom, hope, and love, under each arrow really helps to get the point across.

Placing phrases inside the arrow itself that read, learning to fly, aiming high, and follow your arrow, are great inspirational messages that will remind you every time you look at the tattoo to be your best and keep pushing forward despite the challenges around you.

As you can see, while the arrow itself may be a simple tool and concept, it carries with it a variety of cultural meanings and the ability for you to easily alter those representations. If you find the arrow appealing, go crazy and make this powerful symbol all your own.

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