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32 Werewolf Tattoos With Surprising Meanings

The popularity of the werewolf tattoos seems to grow year after year. Not only are these some of the most intimidating tattoo designs, they have deep-rooted meanings that really attract a rare breed. Whether the wolf is howling at the moon or transforming from human to wolf, the appeal is simply undeniable for some.

If you are still on the fence about getting a design for your tattoo that connects with you on a deep level, consider all the symbolic representations associated with the werewolf tattoos.

The Man Behind the Wolf

Before the werewolf can make his appearance, the man needs to come face to face with the full moon. What this represents for some is a transformation, a changing from one personality to another, but working in harmony in the body.

What this means for some people is that they are one person on the outside, and just below the surface, they have a much tougher and powerful personality.

This person is not the pushover you think they are, in fact, when pushed, that is when they feel like they are boxed in the corner and will often turn and bite you when you least suspect it.

The Power of the Werewolf

The werewolf is a force to be reckoned with. Once pushed, they turn into a fighter that has few in the way of rivals. This represents for many people a personality trait that they only reveal to some, and if you can decipher the tattoo, you should be worried.

This person will take so much, and then one day when the stars align, they transform to a person who takes no prisoners. Never mistake the kindness of this person or take advantage of them, because when they do reveal their dark side, you will wish you have been on better terms with them.

The werewolf is not the same person you think you see, and they often lash out uncontrollably or hastily without fear of repercussions. This impulsive action can often be a very powerful attribute or a hindrance, depending on the situation.

The Meanings Associated with the Werewolf

Those who get the werewolf tattoos are not afraid of confrontation. These are the type people you want working for you because they are driven, determined, and more importantly persistent. The werewolf is not going to back down when there is work to be done.

If there is something that appears too challenging, the werewolf uses power, strength, and passion for getting that job done. This is the perfect tattoo design for the person who is often underestimated, someone who has been told their whole life that they can not achieve greatness.

The werewolf thrives when the others are running in fear. The werewolf only has one weakness, and not too many people today are walking around with a silver bullet, so they feel like the top of the predator hierarchy.

Despite his bad reputation in the movies, the werewolf appeals to many people who feel they have this unique personality under the surface that is about to make an appearance. This person with the werewolf tattoos should never be underestimated, their bite is definitely worse than their bark.

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