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The Symbolic Hedgehog Tattoo Meaning

Colorfull Hedgehog Tattoo

Tattoos are something that people get engraved on their skin as a reminder of something important to them, or as a symbol of making them a better and stronger person. Tattoos continue to reflect an individual’s life, but they still are a very stereotypical talk in many different cultures of the world. Every person has a different reason for getting the tattoo they have, and it helps them to feel unique and different from others.

There are a million types of tattoos, and each has a deep meaning to it. Today, you will get to know about the symbolic hedgehog tattoo. The hedgehog tattoo has been quite a symbolic tattoo, but it has lost its popularity in recent years. This tattoo first gained popularity in 1975, inspired after the release of a famous animated series called ‘’The Hedgehog in The Fog.’’ People became so crazy after this show that they started tattooing the hedgehog on their bodies.

Hedgehog Symbolism

The hedgehog tattoo symbolizes many things; it symbolizes motherhood as the picture of a hedgehog was very popularly used around the environment of the Mesopotamian goddess, Goddess Ishtar. While this creature may have some features of a goddess, on the other hand, in the olden day, Christians used to perceive the hedgehog as a guilty creature that used to steal vegetables and fruit. A person may get a hedgehog tattoo tatted on their body due to some guilt that has been living inside of them or to remind themselves of something guilty they may have done.

Many people of Africa and Asia gave much respect to the hedgehog, and they used to identify its spines as rays of a shining sun. These people gave much respect to the little creature and believed that it is a symbol of the harvesting of fruits and vegetables.

Meanings of Hedgehog Tattoo

Many different meanings derive from the hedgehog tattoo, and most of them seem to spread positivity. Mentioned below are the different meanings attached to the Hedgehog tattoo.

Reminds You to Stay Fierce

The hedgehog tattoo allows you to feel confident and become fearless. The spikes of the hedgehog remind people to stay fearless and fight for themselves. You may look small and innocent because of which people start taking advantage of you, but the spikes give people the confidence to fight back and improve their confidence.

Helps You Stay Independent

A hedgehog normally leads its own path with no help; many people perceive this as a sign of being independent and focused on you. It reminds you that it’s always going to be you who can help yourself and surprise yourself with different achievements. The tattoo reminds people to stop being dependent on others but themselves.

Reminds You How to Live In a Harmful Environment

In today’s world, with all the backstabbing and political chaos, the hedgehog tattoo reminds you how to live through a molested nature. Hedgehogs are small in size; however, it still has the ability to protect itself from other harmful animals. In the same way, this tattoo reminds humans how to protect themselves from this toxic world.

Hedgehog Tattoo Ideas

There are many different types of hedgehog tattoos that you can get, mentioned below are a few popular hedgehog tattoos that may give you some inspiration.

1.    Flower Blossom Hedgehog

Hedgehog Tattoo for Women

The flower blossom hedgehog tattoo is quite a big and colorful tattoo. In this tattoo, instead of the spikes, there are colorful flowers tatted all over the hedgehog. The flowers are of different colors, such as green, yellow, and blue, with some red outlines. Since this tattoo is big in size, the best place to get it is on your arm or back.

2.    Autumn Leafs

Autumn Leaves Hedgehog Tattoo

This tattoo includes a bold outline of a hedgehog with some red details to enhance the features, and the hedgehog sits on a few autumn leafs. The leaves are big in size and include shades of yellow and red, giving it a very realistic touch. The perfect place for this tattoo is your arm or back due to the size and 3D effect.

3.    Geometric Watercolor Hedgehog

Geometric Watercolor Hedgehog Tattoo

If you’re into geometrical designs, this hedgehog tattoo might be just the right tattoo for you. This tattoo includes a geometrically designed hedgehog that fades into small cubes. The tattoo includes different watercolors, which is what makes it so unique and realistic at the same time. This tattoo is small in size so you can get it tatted on your arm or even near your neck.

4.    Black And White Hedgehog Sketch

Hedgehog With Balloon Tattoo

This tattoo includes a black and white hedgehog standing and holding a balloon. The hedgehog is seen looking up to the balloon and looks a bit happy. This tattoo signifies that you should stay happy with the little things in life; in the hedgehog’s case, it is the balloon that has got the hedgehog so marveled and happy.  This tattoo has much detailing in it; the best place to get it tatted on is your upper body or arm.

5.    Hedgehog Swirl

Hedgehog Tattoo On Wrist

This hedgehog swirl tattoo is very simple and cool. The tattoo includes a thin outline of a hedgehog in black ink, and the body of the hedgehog appears in a swirl. This is a small tattoo, so the best place for it is your wrist. You can get two hedgehog swirls, one on each wrist.

6.    Fierce Hedgehog

Hedgehog Tattoo for men
Fierce Hedgehog Tattoo On Leg

This tattoo includes a fierce image of a hedgehog. The details are pretty intense, and there is a use of yellow ink, which appears in the whole outline of the hedgehog. Due to the excellent detailing, the tattoo looks very real and portrays a fierce image, which means how everyone should have a daring and killer side in order to face all the haters. The best place for this type of tattoo is your ankle or arm.


If you feel you may have a few characteristics that go in link with the symbolism of a hedgehog, you should definitely get a hedgehog tattoo with the help of some of the amazing hedgehog tattoo ideas mentioned above.

Have a look at some cool Hedgehog Tattoo designs.

Hedgehog Tattoo with fruit
Cute Hedgehog Tattoo
Hedgehog Tattoo for men
Hedgehog Tattoo on shoulder
Happy Hedgehog Tattoo
Hedgehog Tattoo on wrist
Hedgehog Tattoo on hand

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