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24 Straight Razor Tattoos With Edgy Meanings


Make no mistake about it, those who choose the straight razor as their tattoo design are not necessarily in the hair cutting or barber industry. This edgy straight razor tattoo style appeals to a very unique type individual, one who is not squeamish about blood and one who likes to live just on the cutting edge of insanity.

Don’t let this unique cutting device scare you, it has some very symbolic meanings that cut through the bubble gum and comfortable associations of more reserved tattoo designs.

Here are some of the reasons the straight razor tattoo is such an appealing style for many.

Deep Connection to Uniqueness

One of the reasons many people choose the straight razor tattoo is because of the shock value. You cringe when you see that sharp metal piercing the skin, especially if there is even the trace of blood. While many choose this for the shock value, others love living on the edge, balancing the tightrope between what society sees as normal and what the wearer feels in normal in their world.

The razor blade is definitely sharp, and that represents for some being smarter than the world, braver, having a deeper threshold for pain.

The Associations with the Razor

For those who have battled and survived an addiction, the straight razor tattoo symbolizes a breakthrough. While the razor can be associated with dubious things like death and suicide, it also can show that a person has survived depression, suicide, or a near death experience and has the wounds to prove it.

This can be drawn as the cutting of ones wrists, symbolic of risk taking, operating outside the boundaries of law, and even drug use. For these folks the tattoo symbolizes dealing with and surviving self-abuse or mutilation.

The Meanings Behind the Razor

The straight razor did not get its beginning as a shaving device in barber shops, in fact, the history is quite barbaric in nature. The straight razor was often used for blood-letting, and today those who have a connection with the darker side of things see great potential using this unique design to portray strength, fearlessness, and power.

Although wounds created by the straight razor bleed today, the scars left are reminders this person is more than the skin on their body. The straight razor design cutting through the heart is symbolic of a painful relationship, a reminder this person has survived and will never suffer in that way again.

While the razor edge makes some turn the other way, this is exactly the reaction the wearer may be looking for. The razor gives them power to express themselves and showcase the fact they have very thick skin that will heal regardless how deep the cut.

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