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Discover The 17 Small Compass Tattoos and Their Meanings


Of all the unique tattoo designs, the small compass is one of the more striking and innovative styles you will come across. Popular for many centuries with sailors, Spaniards, and Celts, they are symbolic of the tools used to navigate the seas.

In different cultures the compass was symbolic of good luck, security, and protection. Today a tattoo artist can easily portray the small compass tattoo in a number of creative ways complete with flowers, stars, maps, ribbons, and the prismatic star.

Choose a meaning and style of the small compass tattoo that perfectly fits your style.

Historic Compass Throughout the Centuries

For as long as men have been navigating the open seas, they have been utilizing the compass to safely return home. This maritime symbol was often worn by those ancient sailors to represent protection from the rough seas and a beacon to guide them safely back home.

The compass tattoo represented good luck for sailors, it was also painted on the vessel they were sailing so the ship would survive the unforgiving seas. Centuries ago it was not uncommon for men to go overboard frequently, the tattoo of the small compass was perceived as a beacon of hope to keep them alive when navigating treacherous waters.

The Unique Compass Styles

Today the compass is easily recognized by its shape and four points heading in different directions around the world, north, south, east, and west. In addition to the common star compass design, today many people are choosing variations of that standard by going with the lodestone compass, prismatic compass, or the astro compass.

These tattoos may look different in design, but they have a deep and historic meaning to them that connects with many people. The small compass tattoo can be symbolic of grounding, guidance, direction, and being able to always find ones way back home no matter where in the world that they are currently living.

The Compass and Time

Regardless what personal designs you add to the compass, it has this underlying connection with time that appeals to the majority of body ink lovers. Many wearers choose to incorporate an hourglass, map, or clock within the design to help them to determine where they are going, have been, or are heading.

For some, the compass design is representative of them following a dream, staying the course, and not giving up regardless how troubling things around may seem. The small compass tattoo can help a person to stay focused when they are just now getting out of an abusive relationship, have lost a loved one, or are battling a strong addition. The compass can be a unique reminder that better times are ahead if one only stays the course.

The reason the small compass tattoo is so popular is because it can have a different meaning with one person to another. While some may see the small compass as a symbol of guidance, others can see it as representation they are not going to stop traveling in a certain direction until all of their goals are met. The design is popular with women and men, and looks great just about anywhere on the body.

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