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Octopus Tattoos and Their Deceptive Meanings

One of the reasons the octopus tattoo is such a popular design for many people is because the beautiful possibilities are endless.

The attributes that are associated with the octopus are both diverse and interesting to say the least, making this aquatic creature, similar to the pisces tattoos,  a popular choice for those looking to connect certain meanings or a time in their life to their tattoo.

The varied qualities of this secretive sea creature is part of the allure and symbolism associated with getting this type tattoo.

The Meaning of the Octopus Tattoo

The mystery surrounding the octopus makes it a prime candidate for a huge diverse interpretation into each and every design.

The octopus is a master of deception, can easily escape attack, and has the ability to destroy predators three times its size.

These attributes are qualities many people love to associate to their tattoo, and because the octopus comes in a huge array of sizes, shapes, and colors, the possibilities of creating a unique tattoo are endless.

Depending on the individual octopus tattoo, it can symbolize insight, variability, illusion, intelligence, mystery, diversity, complexity, and enhanced vision.

These qualities in this beautiful sea creature appeal to a wide audience, and allow the tattoo artist to broaden the scope when it comes to design elements and coloring.

Choosing Your Unique Attribute

The allure of the octopus tattoo is in that every design has a one-of-a-kind meaning to that person.

The same large octopus that is inked on the back with the tentacles wrapping around the shoulders, waist, and arms, could mean mystery for one person and power for another, just like jellyfish tattoos.

The eye of the octopus can symbolize your vision in the past or future, as well as have a close association to a higher intelligence. The long outstretched tentacles could also be holding or releasing something.

Clutching a small child or releasing an addition are very personal symbolic images that will resonate with the person through their tattoo.

The octopus does not have to be the dominant feature in the design, many people incorporate sea turtles designs, small fish, even seahorse and corral into the design to show off their unique personality.

The Symbolism Associated With the Octopus

This complex and mysterious sea creature does have certain attributes that connect well with many people.

Consider that the octopus has the ability to change its color to protect itself or scare off a predator.

The octopus can easily blend into their surroundings, as well as use their flexibility and agility to move around quietly without disturbing others.

A unique feature of the octopus is the ability to regenerate limbs, and this ability to adapt comes across clearly in a tattoo where one or more limbs may be missing.

When a person requests to have an octopus tattoo with a limb missing, it represents the ability to be able to detach from a person or addiction.

This artwork not only looks amazing, it reminds and motivates a person to continue on that path to healing and growth.

The octopus tattoo carries with it a deep and complex meaning that allows a person to express their inner desires while reflecting their psyche.

Octopus Tattoo Gallery

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