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32 Morning Glory Tattoos With Colorful Meanings

One of the reasons that flowers are such a popular theme and design concept for body ink is they are a reflection of our unique personalities. Those who choose to go with the morning glory tattoos have come to terms with the fact they are always expanding like this colorful flower and are infused with endless possibilities in life.

Some choose this particular flower because they want to reflect on a certain phase in their life, something the morning glory goes through on a daily basis.

Here are a few of the colorful meanings behind the morning glory tattoos:

The Highs and Lows of Life

If you have ever taken the time to watch a morning glory in action, you will see that they go through the same routine each time the sun rises. This flower slowly begins to open up in the morning, revealing its colorful canopy inside for all to see.

Those who choose the morning glory tattoos look to symbolize the times in their life that were low, only to be followed by some of their greatest highs.

This tattoo reminds them each time they are experiencing low periods to have faith that this too shall pass and they shall rise again. Although each day, month, or year could be full of trying times, the flower tattoo reminds them every season has its peaks and valleys.

The Beauty Within

Some who choose to get inked with the morning glory tattoos are telling the world that there is more to this person that you see on the outside.

If you were to look at the morning glory at night, you may see a shriveled, tired, and lonely little flower. Other times of the day, its colors explode, it is vibrant and bright, exploding with endless possibilities.

These traits connect with many who have difficulties expressing themselves in words. Just like the flower that hides its colors during the night, some are keeping back their personalities until it is the right time to shine.

The Zodiac Connection

The morning glory flower is the flower of the zodiac sign Virgo. Those born between August 22nd – September 22nd have a connection to the morning glory and are thought to be both reflective and thoughtful.

Getting inked with the morning glory tattoos can symbolize someone who is very observant, organized, and one who plans well in advance of taking any actions. This zodiac sign has an eye for detail, can be extremely analytical, and use their organizational skills for helping others who need to get their act together.

Getting inked with the hummingbird is symbolic too because these flowers attract these tiny creatures who drink the nectar and love poking around in the petals. The morning glory tattoos can be drawn in a variety of colors, however, they typically are a rich purple or blue shade.

According to Chinese folklore, the morning glory flower symbolizes the only day every year that lovers Chien Niu and Chih Neu are permitted by God to be with one another, symbolic of a one-of-a-kind and undying love.

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