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Lantern Tattoo Meaning With Cool Designs

Maybe it seems unusual as a tattoo at first, but the lantern tattoo is a very common design in the tattoo world. It has this amazing vintage look which is very attractive to look at and it can be combined with other elements to look even more beautiful. The symbolism connected to the lantern is very obvious. Inside of it, there is a light and for a very long period, it was the only lighting source that people used. It has several meanings that can be easily connected with any person.

It has a protective enclosure which guards the candle or oil to not burn out quickly. You may already associate a particular symbolism by reading only this, but let’s explain its meanings separately and why you should consider it as a tattoo.

The Meanings of the Lantern Tattoo

Before electricity, the lantern was the only source of light in people’s homes. Many tattoos artists say that people who ink this tattoo fought with darkness. They had a personal experience that is related to the lantern viewed as a shield that safely keeps their inner flame. In some meditations, the whole focus is placed on that flame that we keep in our hearts and which we need to spread throughout the universe. From here, we can define the lantern as a light in the dark, good over evil or as a light within. There are lantern tattoos combined with vintage orders on which there is a saying or a prayer connected with the person who has it.

Besides being a light in the dark, the lantern is also connected with knowledge and understanding. The longer the flame lasts, the bigger the knowledge. Knowledge is something that must be repeated to master the learned and only then we can get enlightenment. As for understanding, the lantern is related to care. If we do not care about it, whether there is enough oil or how long the candle will last, it can go out. This is again related to the human inner flame. We must constantly take care of the internal flame because if we act irresponsible about it, we will end up in darkness.

It also represents hope. There are amazing lantern tattoos with this meaning which are often decorated with beautiful flowers, stars, and hearts.

Different Types of Lantern Tattoos

There are different types, and each of them has its meaning. The famous Jack O Lantern, the amazing Victorian style lanterns carved with flowers, mostly inked by women, the Japanese/Chinese lantern tattoo, etc.

Jack O Lantern Tattoo

Jack O Lantern Tattoo Meaning

Dubbed as the Protector of Evil, the Jack O Lantern is a very popular tattoo design amongst young people. The carving of vegetables as lanterns has been a common practice for a long time in many countries. People made these lanterns as a chip way of lightning their porches and also as protectors from evil spirits. There is a long history behind the Jack O lantern and today it is known as the Halloween Traditional lantern all around the world. There are unbelievable good tattoo designs of these spooky lanterns so if you are thinking of getting one there are thousands of combinations that go with it to make your tattoo look awesome.

The Victorian-Style Lantern Tattoo

Lantern Tattoo with Flame

The Victorian-style lantern tattoo is the most famous of them all. With its amazingly carved looks make sure that you pick a professional artist to make your design look very good. You don’t have to connect it with meaning because it looks stunning just as it is but, there are some body position examples that you can consider if you want to add meaning to it. It is mostly seen on the arm or leg but there are many women who ink this tattoo on their belly. The lantern is placed in the middle of it so that symbolically, the flame is close to the heart light or the heart chakra.

The Japanese/Chinese Lantern Tattoo

Chinese/Japanese Lantern Tattoo
by Loreprod.

The Japanese/Chinese lantern tattoo is a red paper lantern which is always done in its traditional style. But, you can always mix and match this design with different colors or elements. The red paper represents happiness and the flame inside a good fortune. It is often inked with different Japanese or Chinese sayings or traditional items from their cultures.

All in all, the lantern tattoo is a great choice for any man or woman. It is one of those tattoos that you can decorate it with whatever element that you think it will look the best.  Check out some examples of gorgeous lantern tattoos.

Lantern Tattoo on Belly Woman
Lantern Tattoo with Bee, Skull and Candle
Lantern Tattoo
Lantern Tattoo with Skull
Lantern Tattoo
Lantern Tattoo with Knife, Skull and Crown
Green Lantern Tattoo with Flower
Lantern Tattoo
Lantern Tattoo on Thigh
Lantern Tattoo
Lantern Tattoo
Lantern Tattoo with Candle and Flower
Lantern Tattoo on Side
Old Lantern Tattoo
Lantern Tattoo with Candle and Leaves
Lantern Tattoo On Chest Men
Lantern Tattoo With Light House On Hand for Man
Lantern Tattoo with Candle and Flame
Lantern Tattoo with Eye
Lantern Tattoo
Lantern Tattoo  with Green Flame

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