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37 Indian Skull Tattoos and Their Powerful Meanings

Tribal art of any form has been growing in popularity with those who love getting inked. These tattoos are easily recognized and command a certain amount of attention. One style in particular that has really been exploding in popularity are the Indian skull tattoos.

These are a unique combination of the skeleton head and Indian headdress, and some wearers have really come up with some pretty amazing designs on their bodies.

If you are looking for a new tattoo design that is not really that mainstream but it certainly will grab someone’s attention, consider all the benefits of getting inked with the Indian skull.

The Connection to the Past

Those who have Native American blood, utilize the Indian skull tattoos as a way to connect with their past. The perfect design for both women or men, it speaks to heritage, but it also talks about power and longevity too.

This is the perfect tattoo design for just about anywhere on the body, but due to the intricate color combinations in the headdress, it looks best when proudly displayed out in the open like the chest, back, or shoulders.

Those who appreciate the history of native American heritage or are connected through the blood line use this design to pay respect to the past and fallen warriors.

The Meaning of the Indian Skull Tattoos

While these may appear to be scary tattoo designs on the surface, they are more of a tribute to the past than anything else. These tattoo designs represent history, dominance, persistence, power, strength, and the warrior mentality.

These warriors used what they could from the land to protect their families, feed the tribe, and extend their culture throughout the centuries.

This symbol can represent for some that desire to protect their own family, to show that they will fight to the death to protect the ones they love and to honor the fighting spirit of those who gave their own lives so that future generations could thrive.

The Colorful Headdress Design

The most important part of the Indian skull tattoos is the headdress. This is where the wearer can use a variety of colors that have a connection to them or to represent the colors of certain tribes that they are connected to through blood. The larger the feathers, the more powerful the warrior was said to be.

Creating a design with huge colorful feathers says this is the alpha male in the family, the one who will protect others at all cost, and the one who is determined to carry on their good name for future generations.

Others place personal effects around the skull and headdress like bones, stones, crosses, furs, or weapons to symbolize the soul of the wearer.

Indian skull tattoos hold a very special connection to the wearer. In many cases, these tattoo designs are symbolic of power, spirituality, respect, pride, leadership, honor, and accomplishment.

The darker the skull, the more menacing its appearance and the more fascinating the finished design. Black is traditionally the color of choice for the skull, but today many ink lovers take creative license to create some of the most eye-catching and compelling designs on the body.

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