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25 Eiffel Tower Tattoos With Creative Meanings


What is the first thing that you imagine when someone mentions the city Paris? That amazing structure is the iconic symbol of a city, country, and its people. The metal of this structure however goes deeper with those who connect with France, even if they have never set foot in the country. This incredible structure can instantly take a person to a place in their mind that represents everything good in the world and what they have to offer.

Here are just some of the reasons the Eiffel Tower tattoo is such a unique and popular body art design for many.

Images and Emotional Connection

Rather than getting inked up with a variety of unique or spiritual phrases that have a deep connection to the wearer, the Eiffel Tower tattoo allows you to display a beautiful iconic design that can have a deeper meaning for the wearer.

Those who choose this design for their tattoo have an emotional connection and appreciation for everything that is romantic, love, reverie, and serenity. For those who have visited Paris, not only do these associations hold a deep meaning for them, it is a reminder of a place they will never forget.

The Visual Appeal of Paris

Depending if you have visited or just know everything about Paris, once you are hooked, it is something you carry with you forever. The Eiffel Tower tattoo is appropriate for those who can see all the delights around them and draw inspiration from those surroundings.

These individuals are usually quite creative, they give and they give without and reservation about their emotions, experiences, or feelings. Incorporating flowers, birds, and other symbols with the tower helps people to add even more personality to their design.

Unique Eiffel Tower Tattoo Meanings

In addition to the Eiffel Tower tattoo being symbolic of love and beauty, it also represents refinement, sophistication, creativity, and even personal freedom.

Usually this tattoo design is appropriate for women who want to express their romantic and dreamy sides, and because it also shows off a little of their vulnerability too. Those who want to experience everything love choose this tattoo design to basically wear their hearts on their sleeves so to speak.

The Eiffel Tower tattoo is usually drawn in black ink and fine lines. This powerful design has the ability to standalone without any explanation, but some who have experienced love in Paris can add fireworks to the background in remembrance of the unforgettable time in the city of love.

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