Amazing Crow Tattoos and Their Unique Meanings

People today try to incorporate some type of symbol into a tattoo design they are considering getting.

This unique symbol tends to fit their personality and has a deep meaning of a very personal experience in their life.

The one thing to carefully consider when choosing a tattoo of this nature is that many symbols do have several different interpretations, meaning the symbol can represent something different than you might have originally thought.

The crow tattoo is one of those symbols that can mean many different things, ranging from the sublime to the profane. Less popular bird tattoo with similar meanings is hawk designs.

Consider this information on the crow tattoo so that you enter the tattoo shop armed with enough knowledge to make an educated decision.

Dark Side of the Crow

In Western cultures, the crow symbol has long been associated with a bad omen.

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Although a grouping of crows is called a murder of crows, some cultures that even consider the crow sacred do recognize that it does have a very dark side.

Originating in European culture, the crow got its dark meaning because it had been observed neglecting its young soon after birth.

Bible meanings go back the Noah and the arc, whereas the crow was actually released before the dove, never to return to the ship.

The Greeks considered the crow the bearer of bad news, forbidding it to visit the Acropolis after delivering bad news to Athena.

Known as the omen of death in England, the crow has often been symbolized as the bearer of bad news, often warning of ill fortune on the horizon.

The Other Side of the Crow

Although the crow has received the distinction of being a dark, ominous, and mystical bird, that can be said even for raven tattoo meanings it also does represent many positive features that usually get second billing to its evil side.

In the Middle Ages it was considered good fortune to encounter a dead crow. The Chinese have always associated the black crow as a loving symbol, also representing the creative principle.

The positive side of the crow is closely associated to the fact this is a very clever and wise bird.

The crow is often recognized in North American culture as the spirit guide, offering inspiration to those who recognize its power.

The crow is in fact a very intelligent animal, they have a unique language all their own that is represented by their cawing sounds which all represent different meanings.

Interpreting the Symbol of the Crow

The bottom line when it comes to the crow tattoo is that you put the meaning behind it that best represents your personality of a time in your life that has greatly affected you.

While some see the black crow bringing with it a bad omen, others see it as a representation of love, future, and wisdom.

A good rule of thumb to consider when choosing the crow tattoo is that different numbers of these birds carry with it many different meanings.

One crow is considered to represent bad omens, where two crows are seen as a good luck symbol.

Three crows in a tattoo are seen as a sign of good health, four increasing wealth, and five serious sickness. The tattoo of six crows, or a murder, is meant to represent death.

The crow is a mysterious and mythical bird, and with that does come many different ways to interpret the same drawing.

Choose carefully one that represents your feeling, period in your life, or an event you wish to carry with you to the after life.

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