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The Meaning Of The Flamingo Tattoo: One Of The Most Unique Tattoo Designs

One of the most fashionable tattoos today is the Flamingo tattoo. Together with the swan, the flamingo is the most gentle bird and women just love it. There are thousands of amazing designs from which you can choose your tattoo and whatever design you choose you will not make a mistake. It is one of the most unique birds that besides its great looks, hide deeper meaning that makes it even more distinctive.

The Meaning Of The Flamingo Tattoo

The flamingo is considered to be the rarest among birds so the first symbolism is its uniqueness. People who love themselves can add an amazing flamingo design to their skin to always point out their originality.

On the other side, the flamingo is also a symbol of vulnerability because it is not able to adapt too different weather conditions. This symbolism is connected with people who are eccentric and firm to the path that they had chosen. The Flamingo needs warmth or it will not survive. In some mythologies, it is a symbol of the sun and because of its pink colors, it is believed that it has divine powers.

When we think of the color pink what is the first thing that pops in our minds? IT is tender and romantic, and it is a happy color because of its brightness. This is why most of the time, this glorious bird is inked by women. It represents the feminine, romantic side, and in the past decade, there were a lot of people who inked it as a mark for a safer environment.

The flamingos are one of the best parents among birds. They take really good care of their young ones which indicates protection. If you like this meaning you can connect the flamingo with your family.

Because of its popularity today, the flamingo will always remind us of summer. Sometimes, this is the only reason why people tattoo flamingos, they love warm, tropical environments and add it as -a funny protest against the cold winter.

Different Variations Of The Flamingo Tattoo

When it comes to art, the flamingo is an excellent picture and it can be made in various concepts.

The classic one is the realistic pink Flamingo with its shiny pink feathers but besides this design, there are tons of other choices that look stunning as tattoos.

Patterned Flamingo

This kind of tattoo is amongst the most popular today. It is usually made in black and white, or just black and it has amazing Indian or African motifs that makes it look gorgeous. There are many examples from which you can choose your patterned Flamingo and the great part is that you can find a blank flamingo design for free on the net and add those patterns yourself because they are not difficult to be drawn. It is a very fun way to make your own flamingo tattoo.

Watercolor Flamingo Tattoo

For many people, men and women, watercolor tattoos are the first choice. This is the most attractive design technique today and everyone wants to have one of those. There are flamingo designs made with this technique and because of their pink tones, they look seriously awesome!

The Flamingo As A Character Aattoo

If you want to make your flamingo tattoo fun and cute you can add accessories or choose a more cartoony design. You can make the meaning that you chose visible. For example, the protection and romance meaning can be two flamingos hugging in a heart or you can add cool sunglasses to the design if you love summer. You can research this topic and find your best flamingo character design.

Different Body Placements

With good design, it is very important to choose the best body placement. The first thing that we can notice is that the flamingo is long. It has a long neck, and long legs so most of the time people ink it on their hips and upper part of their legs.

It is also a good start for a sleeve under which you can add all kinds of tropical stuff like plants, other small birds, and flowers. Sometimes, people ink a small and simple flamingo on their necks behind their ears or the leg above the foot. It is just a simple pink flamingo that can be done very quickly.

If you already decided where you want to add the tattoo, you can choose the position you like most. The flamingo can stand on one leg, can sit or fly.

However, it is really important to do your research before you make your final choice. It is very important to be sure about your tattoo so choose wisely. You can talk to tattoo artists and together you can decide what the best Flamingo tattoo is for you.

Flamingo Tattoo On Shoulder Man
Pink Flamingo Tattoo On Leg Thigh Woman
Flamingo Tattoo On Neck Woman
Flamingo Tattoo
Two Flamingo In Heart Tattoo
Flamingo Tattoo Black & White
Flamingo Tattoo With Flower
Flamingo Tattoo With Yellow Flower
Water Color Flamingo Tattoo On Thigh Woman
Water Color Flamingo Tattoo With Quote On Hand
Flamingo Tattoo On Leg Thigh
Flamingo Tattoo
Flamingo With Dagger Tattoo
Water Color Flamingo Tattoo On Leg
Flamingo Tattoo With Flower, Sun, Trees. Clouds, Birds and Sky
Flamingo Tattoo On Hand
Water Color Flamingo Tattoo On Side
Flamingo With Sunglasses Tattoo

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