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The Meaning Behind Light Bulb Tattoo

The light bulb is regarded as a symbol of representing an idea. It has been around with the same meaning. From movies to cartoons to emoji’s, a light bulb is not something most of us are unfamiliar with but is associated with having a creative idea. 

Light Bulb Tattoo

If your brain is giving you flashbacks of Tom & Jerry when Tom would come up with a heinous or creative idea and a light bulb would appear on top of his head, as if he had gotten an idea, yeah, that is exactly what we’re referring to. However, the meaning behind a light bulb is not limited to just this; several more interpretations are attached to it. Some may be modified as per the person’s beliefs, which eventually leads them to get a tattoo based on the personal connection with the symbol. 

Bold Light Bulb Tattoo on forearm for men

This article will walk you through all there is to know about light bulbs and the historical representation. We will discuss some of the designs of tattoos that contain light bulbs by assessing and interpreting them. These tattoos may mean a lot to the people who wear them, and everyone’s connection would be as per their experiences and personal beliefs. 

Facts about Light Bulbs

Before we get on to learning more about the light bulb tattoo, we must enlighten (pun intended) ourselves with some light bulb facts. 

For several years’ people resorted to the traditional way illuminating their businesses or homes with lanterns or candles. This proved to be infamous due to the common house fires that were caused by both of them. Electric arc lighting was a temporary replacement that lasted until people realized it was too bright for small spaces; therefore, a new invention was necessary. 

Broken Light Bulb Tattoo

Thomas Edison invented the first commercial-use electrical light bulb in 1880. However, you may not be aware that there were 23 distinct light bulbs patented before Edison’s. The ideology of a light bulb was based on the attempt to create a powerful current that shines on a filament without being as strong to create combustion. This was the major problem to deal with to create a light bulb used for an extended period. The thing that was different about Edison’s light bulb and others was that the other inventors could not come across a filament as inexpensive to generate light for any specific period. 

Simple Light bulb Tattoo for me

Edison’s group of ‘Muckers’ and himself, on the other hand, cleverly thought that using a carbonized cotton thread would be an ideal form of a filament to use for the lightbulbs. Edison successfully innovated a light bulb with the new filament of the cotton thread, which had to remain lit for the next 13 continuous hours, and the rest is all history. 

The Meaning Behind the Light Bulb Tattoo

The invention of Edison is often relatable for people who prefer getting a light bulb tattoo.

The tattoo generally presents the idea of creativity and genius ideas. The light bulb also has a close relation to being intelligent too. The concept includes; the light is turned on for a person who develops a smart idea in their mind.

Super Cool Light bulb tattoo on body for men

The darkness is replaced with a bright light. It could be just as when you finally remember the answer to a question you pondered over or finally solved a problem you had.

As far as intelligence is concerned, a light bulb that is lit up represents that you either very smart or had a great idea. ‘the lights aren’t on’ is a common phrase used among people as they speak of their intelligence or mental capacity. 

Light Bulb Tattoo with Skull on leg

The light bulb tattoo also comes up with grace. Like a light bulb is referenced to a great idea, the tattoo also represents an illuminated and brightened path. Some of these come with religious backgrounds and emphasize that your path of life is illuminated with God’s help and His grace. The light bulb tattoo is attached to prestige, and many people get such a tattoo to represent similar ideas. 

Variations to the Light Bulb Tattoo

Though the tattoo is quite evident and does not need much clarity, there are different versions to it and may differ as per general or unique meanings behind it. Some of them include:

Broken Light Bulb

This type of tattoo is sometimes related to a tragedy a person may have experienced in their life. It may indicate a loss the person may have undergone or depicted the sadness of letting something or someone goes that was close to their heart. It may be a loss or lack of control or change that made them into a better person.

Broken Light Bulb Tattoo for men

Brain Light Bulb 

Many people tend to get a tattoo inked with a human brain tattooed in place of the bulbous section of the bulb. This is to depict the connection between intelligence and ideas. It is, therefore, legit to merge the brain and light bulb tattoo. The person with this tattoo may want to indicate their importance or smartness with this tattoo.

Light Bulb Tattoo with brain for men

Watercolor Light Bulb

This tattoo is more of a mixed bag and has intelligence and smart ideas associated with it. Ideas in the person’s mind may come in like the flow of water. They tend to come up at any place, any time, and eventually leave just like a tide. Almost as if the ideas were like a fluid. This mainly illustrates the freeing of some great ideas. 

Super cool Light Bulb Tattoo on wrist for female

The kind of tattoo a person would opt for and the meaning behind it may come from who a person sees it and from their perspectives. This article was a general discussion on what most common light bulb tattoos could be. Every person is entitled to their own beliefs.

Light Bulb Tattoo for men on stomach

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