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18 Spider Web Tattoos With Dark and Light Meanings

The thought of a spider in a web is enough to send many people screaming down the hall. Regardless if it is the tarantula, brown recluse, or the black widow, spiders have inspired terror and fear in the minds of millions.

Although these little creatures are fragile and small, the association with the spider is not as horrifying as one might think.

Spiders have long been associated with ancient cultures because of their positive attributes, and the spider web tattoo is fast becoming a popular choice at many tattoo shops.

Links to the Spider in Ancient Cultures

Ashanti tribes have told stories throughout generations of shape-shifting spiders and dream-catcher spiders that teach mankind about patience and infinite wisdom.

Both Islamic and Jewish religions tell unique stories about how a tiny spider helped religious icons to hide their tracks by using its web.

While hiding in a cave from captures, a spider under the instruction of God would spin a web over the cave entrance to trick soldiers to thinking the religious men sought another route. The spider is considered to be holy and a doer of good deeds.

The Dark Side of the Spider Web

Look at the spider and his web from the eyes of different cultures and you see a very different view of what is associated with this little creature. In many European cultures, the spider is closely associated with bad omens just like scorpion tattoo and demonic tattoos.

Children are read nursery rhymes that depict the terrifying spider in Little Miss Muffett and Itsy Bitsy Spider, where the spider comes down the web to terrorize little kids.

This association goes back to the Black Plague, where people believed the spider was an emblem of the devil himself, bringing sickness and death to the land.

The spider web tattoo meaning for many today capitalizes on this dark side, evoking visions of mental incarnation, escaping entanglement, and physical incarnation. This is a very popular tattoo for those serving time in jail.

Positive Attributes of the Spider and Web

There are many cultures around the world that hold the spider in his web in very high regard.

The spider web tattoo meaning symbolizes resourcefulness for many, the ability to be intelligent and cunning, being protective, possessing wisdom, and being able to capitalize on trickery or treachery.

For the tattoo artist, the spider web is extremely popular because they can express their creative side in the design. The color possibilities within the web are endless, as well as popular quotes like, “the tangled web we weave!”.

The spider web tattoo meaning is subjective, especially when there is something trapped in the web. This could represent being betrayed, lies, and the inability to escape someone or something.

Because of the complexity of the spider web design, it is important you have a clear understanding of the meaning of your tattoo before you get inked.

The location of the web, the size, the style, and the color, allow you to combine many unique characteristics into one tattoo design.

The spider and web, just like voodoo doll can represent both good and evil traits, combining a little of each can represent a transformation in your life.

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