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36 Remembrance Tattoos With Personal Connections and Meanings

The remembrance tattoos are a great way to memorialize a loved one who has passed. The great thing about these tattoos is that you can come up with a design that has a personal meaning to you that allows you to remember your loved one fondly.

Due to the fact there are hundreds if not thousands of designs that can be incorporated into the remembrance tattoos, we will touch upon the most popular and creative ways to create a permanent reminder of a loved one who has passed.

The Religious Tribute

Whether you want to pay homage to a loved one who has passed with their religious beliefs or your own, you have the opportunity to get quite creative with your remembrance tattoos.

The most popular by far is the cross with the name of the deceased and the date they passed. Some choose to add wings to the deceased name while others go for the Holy Spirit symbol and the date your loved one passed.

Praying hands and Rosary Beads are another very popular choice, while some take things a step further and incorporate some verse from the Scriptures that has a personal connection to the deceased.

The New Guardian Angel

A creative way to keep the memory of the deceased alive is to turn them into your very own guardian angel. Some choose to take the person’s name and place wings around it, while others draw a large angel with wings and place them on their body where they can see them each day.

If you have extreme confidence in your tattoo artist, they can take a picture of the deceased and use it to draw a real life image of them on your body.

This is one of those designs that you have to be careful about because skin type, artist skills, and body placement can have a huge effect on the final image.

Pets are Family Too

Let us not forget about our beloved pets. Some people have a more personal connection with their pets than they do people, and for that reason, they have no issue with getting inked with a memorial to their best friend who has passed.

Some of the most popular pet remembrance tattoos have a paw print with the pet’s name, their picture, or a cartoon with wings to represent their pet has become an angel. Pet tattoos are extremely creative and a great way to keep them in your heart. Consider having a few little footprints near your heart to remind you of your lost love.

These are only a few of the ways to pay tribute to a loved one that has passed, whether your parents, partner or pet, this is a fitting tribute that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

The design you choose and how you plan to personalize it will help you to create a more personal bond with your design, regardless if anyone else understands what the meaning behind the drawing is. This memorial is a spacial way to keep their memory alive with you.

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