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34 Lizard Tattoos With Mystery and Flexibility Meanings

Take one look around at those who love getting their bodies inked and you will begin to see a pattern emerging, the increasing popularity of the lizard tattoos.

Lizards have the ability to inspire some why striking fear in others, and the meaning associated with the lizard allow ink lovers to go with a design that best represents their unique personality. Whether you go with a small colorful chameleon or larger iguana, you are certainly going to leave a lasting impression with anyone within eyeshot of your design.

The Lizard in Human History

Many are surprised when they first find out about the history of the lizard and humans through the ages. The ancient Moche people and Aboriginal tribes hold the lizard in high esteem, often utilizing their images in the iconic artwork.

Fast forward a few thousand years to the Greeks and Egyptians, they painted images of the lizard to represent good fortune, wisdom, abundance, and wealth.

Even today, many people in West Africa carve the image of the lizard into walls of the house to bring peace and happiness while warding off evil spirits. Many associate the hours that the lizard basks in the sun as humble souls that are seeking enlightenment.

The Variety in Lizard Tattoos Meaning

Today many people love the idea of getting inked in the design of a lizard because of all the colorful combination you can choose from. The lizard today is symbolic of a person who possesses adaptability, flexibility, and has a keen perception.

A person who makes use of the lizard tattoos is cunning, they can change on a dime to suit their surroundings, and they are not afraid to turn and fight if needed.

These people possess both agility and speed and can adapt quickly even if their tail or appendage is lost in battle. The lizard tattoo can be representative of abundance, resurrection, and death.

Different Lizard Tattoos

Whether a person gets a tat showing the lizard wrapped around the arm or curled up on a tree branch, there are several variations that affect the meaning. The tribal lizard tattoo is increasingly popular and allows the wearer to express their religious or cultural heritage.

The salamander is considered a fiery creature closely associated with the fire element and is symbolic of a person who has a passionate nature that allows them to pull through challenging situations relatively unscathed.

The gecko has nothing to do with car insurance and more to do with its incredible climbing and agility regardless the surroundings. Iguanas can be playful, and their unique personalities connect with those who are creative, patient, and understanding.

It is important to remember that the lizard comes in many shapes, signs, and designs, so be sure the one you chose does not have any negative or religious connotations that are not in line with what you are trying to represent.

Overall, the lizard is quite adaptive, being able to handle just about everything thrown at them regardless how challenging. The lizard is symbolic for most of a creative who can move quickly, change their focus if needed, and persist no matter the size of their opposition.

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