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Guitar Tattoos With The Unique And Variety Meanings

Make no mistake about it, guitar tattoos are some of the coolest body ink designs you can wear. Whether guy or girl, these tattoos are symbolic of a person’s undying love for their favorite music.

There are some who choose this particular tattoo design to pay homage to a certain musician who has passed, or it could be a guitar player who lives and breathes everything about their musical instrument.

Whether electric or acoustic guitar, consider some of the following to show your love for everything music.

The Position of the Guitar

A very popular placement for the guitar tattoos for those who play guitar is to get the guitar head inked rich below the neck on your back.

These designs can be drawn as to appear that the skin is being pulled apart and just below the surface is a real guitar.

This is the perfect choice for that person who has committed the rest of their life to their love of music and playing guitars.

The Flaming Guitar

It doesn’t matter if you play country or love burning it up to heavy metal, a flaming guitar on the arm means this is your passion.

Whether you love to follow your favorite band or you shred a mean guitar, this tattoo design gained notoriety when bikers began getting inked to show their love of music.

The burning flames coming out of the guitar mean different things to different people. Whether a burning passion for a particular music or your expression of your craft, these guitar tattoos can be inked on the arm, wrist, waist, back, or shoulder.

The Flying Guitar

A guitar tattoo with wings has several significant meanings. On one hand, it can be a representation of your passion, your chance at redemption in this world, and your life. On the other hand, it can be a memorial to a favorite guitar player who has passed on.

Adding a banner in and around the guitar allows you to ink their name and dates while still keeping with the cool theme of this tattoo. The angel wings can also be symbolic of one’s love for a particular type music.

The Dedication Guitar

Now the dedication guitar tattoo is not to be confused with the angel wings memorial, this is more of a deep love and connection with someone who shares your spirit.

For example, many girls have daddy inked on their guitar tattoos to thank the person who bought them their first guitar, took them to music lessons, and sat and listened to countless hours of practice and fine-tuning over the years.

These are more like thank you tattoos for reminding themselves of that special person who made this journey possible.

These guitar tattoos as you can see can be drawn in a variety of ways that have a deep connection with the wearer. One of the growing trends these days is to have musical notes coming from the guitar, representative of a favorite song, favorite verse, or a tribute song to someone who has passed on.

This is one concept where there really is no standard design, its a reflection of your passion.

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