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Cookie Tattoo Meaning With Interesting Designs

Who doesn’t love cookies? They are the sweetest delight on this Earth which taste evokes feelings of satisfaction and happiness. These sugary treats make our lives better day after day. Only when we mention a cookie there is a feeling of nostalgia in all of us because we grew up with that taste. Because of these feelings, a cookie tattoo is a great choice as a reminder of something joyful.

A brief history of the Cookie

It is said that the Persians are the first to make a cookie when sugar became common in the area. It was the 7th century AD and from then on the cookie fever spread so fast around the world. In the 14th century, they became very popular in all Europe and the most modern shape that we see today was defined in the 18th century in America.

Cookies forever!

We all know this typical modern cookie with chocolate beats or raisins inside. Also, the English Biscuit is well known and the famous Fortune Cookie. But I think that we can all agree that there are no cookies as our grandma’s cookies. There is a delicious variety of homemade cookies that are forever kept in our memories. As children, we all had them with a warm glass of milk and that was one of the most beautiful times of our childhood.

As a treat of happiness, the cookie is often drawn by artists and most of the designs are with adorable faces that make you want to hug them. There is also a vector fever of these cutties that we can see in all kinds and shapes as clipart. We can see various cookie concepts on stickers, badges, t-shirts with cute sayings, etc. Defined as sweet and cute, the cookies are a very nice idea for a tattoo.

The meaning of the Cookie tattoo

There are many different cookies with many different shapes so the choices for a tattoo design are limitless. Most people tattoo cookies out of fashion like Oreo’s, Cookie Crisps, Gingerbreads etc..But,  it doesn’t have to look like a typical cookie. The shape can be in the form of a heart or a star or even different kinds of animals, like owls, kitties, butterflies and more. Also, it can be a part of a bigger tattoo that makes the whole concept to look amazing or just a small addition on a visible part of the body.

Women particularly are in love in this tattoo and they ink them on the back of their neck, the wrist or a finger. There are so many colorful designs out there from which girls can request their favorite kind to be made in an awesome cute little art.

When it comes to personal attachments, some people choose their favorite childhood cookies as a tattoo and add symbolic value to it. Many cookie tattoo designs don’t only portray just one symbol. There are tattoos with a variety of different kinds of cookies which can mean that each of those cookies has its meaning for that person or maybe that person just love cookies a LOT.

One of the most famous cookie tattoos is the Fortune cookie tattoo. Mostly it is inked with a vintage border which has a wise saying on it. It is a quite personal tattoo because the saying represents a lesson learned or a complete turnaround in someone’s life.

Cookie tattoos are a great choice for anyone because they are fun and they cause a feeling of warmth and if done right they can be an amazing eye-catching art.

If you are thinking of getting one with a personal meaning attached to it, make sure that you do a little research before just to see what cookie describes you the most. If it is for fun, there are thousands of designs from which you can pick your favorite. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting cookie tattoos below.

Cookie Tattoo On Side
Cookie Tattoo Small
Two Cookies Tattoo On Hand
Fortune Cookie Tattoo
Three Cookie Tattoo On Shoulder
Fortune Cookie Tattoo With Hearts
Cookie Tattoo
Chocolate Chip Cookie Tattoo
Chocolate Cookie Tattoo
Cookie Tattoo In Hand

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