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Breast Tattoos: Are They Safe? And What Are The Possible Complications After Mastectomy?

When it comes to breast tattoos there are some things that you need to know before getting one. Many women wonder is it safe to ink a tattoo on their breasts and what are the possible complications that can come from that. Some women ink tattoos on their breast to express their feminine side, others have scars and marks after breast cancer surgeries so often, a tattoo is a way to go when they want to cover some parts with art that has a deep meaning for their lives.

Possible Complications

Breast tattoos are a bit different from tattoos on other body parts. The skin is more fragile and it requires more care. The first possible complication can be a skin infection. Don’t be alarmed if you see a rush on the first two days because it is normal for the skin to be red around the tattoo because of the needle. But, You must consult your doctor before adding a tattoo and do serious research before you choose your tattoo artist.

The second possible complication is a Sarcoid granulomatous dermatitis. This formation usually forms on the ink of the tattoo and is very visible. The Granuloma formation is serious but it can be treated if cot on time. It can be seen a week after tattooing so if that is the case you should visit your skin doctor immediately.

The equipment that the tattoo studio is using is the most important part if you are searching for one. The instruments MUST be sterilized right or the worst-case scenario can be to cut a disease from infected blood. Sometimes an infection can’t be visible for a month so if you have a fever or abnormal shivering see your doctor.

These symptoms apply to any tattooed part of the body but when it comes to tattooing the breasts, it is very important to maintain double care.

Getting A Tattoo After Breast Surgery

After breast surgery, many women opt for a tattoo instead of having to pay huge reconstruction costs. Recently, breast cancer awareness has become widespread and women are increasingly choosing to show the world their battle scars.

Frequently asked questions are if it is good to have a tattoo after surgery and is it healthy.

Getting A Nipple Tattoo

Instead of nipple reconstruction, many women who have undergone surgery opt for a 3D tattoo. Nipple tattoo is usually added several months after depending on how fast you are healing. It is very important not to rush with it but to wait a few months before your doctor can safely authorize you to have one.

Sometimes it is necessary to wait a long time until you are one hundred percent confident in your choice of a tattoo artist. Once you have found the tattoo artist, together you can talk about what is the best solution for inking a nipple tattoo.

Mastectomy Tattoo

Mastectomy Tattoo Breast Cancer Tattoo by Allyson Lynch
Allyson Lynch Breast Cancer Survivor Tattooed Herself After Double Mastectomy.
Photo: Allyson Lynch/ mediadrumworld.com
Mastectomy Tattoo Breast Tattoo by Allyson Lynch
Allyson Lynch Breast Cancer Survivor Tattooed Herself After Double Mastectomy.
Photo: Allyson Lynch/ mediadrumworld.com

There are cases where the nipple can’t be reconstructed and besides a nipple tattoo, women also ink what is called a mastectomy tattoo. It usually covers large parts of the breasts and there are endless design options. A mastectomy tattoo is also for women who go flat. They cover the whole breasts area with amazing designs.

A question that is frequently asked about this tattoo is does it hurt a lot? As mentioned before, because the skin on this part of the body is thinner and more fragile women are afraid that is going to hurt double. But, many tattoo artists say that the pain is nearly the same as in other tattoos and after a short period of time the place goes numb. There are some Tattoo numbing creams as an option that you can use if you are afraid of the needle.

One of these brave women who fought the battle with breast cancer is Allyson Lynch. Lynch is a famous stylist and model who before her 30s had a bilateral mastectomy followed by many rounds of chemotherapy. According to the interview with Yahoo.com, she said that this was the darkest period of her life and being so young she just wanted to get the disease out of her.

Even before her battle, Allyson was passionate about tattoos so after her reconstruction surgery, she decided to add a mastectomy tattoo which she proudly showed to the world. She inked a stunning floral design to show other women that the disease can never take their beauty and strength as a person.


Not always, but most of the time it is necessary to include your doctor into this decision for better safety. If you can’t find a suitable tattoo artist, there are medical centers where they can recommend someone for you. Also, you can visit various studios and see how they work or to explain to you about the colors they are using and what to expect after you complete your tattoo.

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